First off, hope you’re all having a wonderful swift start to the new year. I am! I just finished climbing some stairs up a mountain at a Buddhist temple close by. I saw some old friends and I sweat a little bit. It always feels good to sweat!

Before that, today I was cranking out content for my new website focusing on Swift programming. More about that in a minute.

For some reason job related posts at this site are doing well. I haven’t focused on the subject too much, but maybe there is a lot of interest in that subject. It’s no wonder, I’m sure a significant portion of the population of all the Hawaiian Islands feel locked into a position that isn’t such a great fit for them. That’s gotta be hard! I was thinking about the plight of people across the USA with the same issue. So many people just feel like they don’t have the OPTION to choose to work in a different field, a different job.

To change your life you have to make a decision.

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” – Tony Robbins

I hope some of you are ready to take new action by the end of this article. It’s free, and it can change your whole life with a simple decision to start learning something probably radically different from what you’re doing now.

Even among those people currently employed who think they DO have options, many of them just can’t make the move because they’d suffer an extreme pay-cut as a result. That would last for a while until they built up their experience. It might take 2-3 or 5-10 years to ramp up their income in an entirely new career field. So the result is that few people switch mid-career. They suffer. They sweat it out. They make the best of it.

I know a lot of people living in Hawaii now that are just biding time and making the best of it. It’s a trait that residents either have or acquire. Or they leave the islands, right? I think most people in Hawaii are making do with what they have and trying not to think of all they’re missing. They focus on what they have in Hawaii. There’s a lot, but maybe you can HAVE IT ALL?

Back to my idea. I’ve been thinking for the past few months that I need to completely reinvent myself in 2015. There are not that many options for me, and the criteria I have for a change of life, a change of career focus are quite lengthy. If not lengthy, at least they’re strict and they eliminate a lot of possibilities.

Some of my Criteria for My New Career Focus in 2019:

1. I must be producing assets that pay me while I sleep. I’ve just grown too used to this, and I won’t give it up. In the past I’ve written books, created videos, and created online businesses that sold products while I slept. Once you’ve tasted that, believe me, there is no going back.

2. I need to be targeting one of two audiences. Either they have a pressing need – like an emergency type need where they are motivated to buy something right this minute that offers a possible cure or abatement of symptoms, Or, they are interested in training, and advancement and will pay to get ‘there’ and become competent at something. These two areas are my personal favorites to target, and I haven’t sold training or targeted those in real need for a long time. My online businesses and projects recently have been more feel good type products. Stuff that makes people smile (funny videos) or takes them away from the suck of life for a brief time (fiction books).

3. Whatever I create needs to be hard to duplicate. The internet, no, the WORLD, is rife with copy-catters that will outright steal your idea and claim it as their own. The cost of copying whatever I’m making, needs to be high, or impossible. Making my own brand of funny videos on YouTube does this to some degree. Writing books also does this to some degree. What I’m focused on next will do this to a higher degree. It’s coming, it’s coming.

4. I need to be able to target people through email for products that will help them achieve their goals and wants. Whatever I’m creating has to be easily sold through email.

5. E-products (digital products) are best, because they have an infinite shelf-life, they are easy to reproduce, they are limitless, they are easily updated and grouped into other products.

OK, well, I could go on and on, but let’s get to the meat of this.

What could you do in 2018 that will meet all these objectives, and also enable you to switch from whatever you’re doing, to a new focus?

Programming applications in Swift language. Swift is the new computer programming language that was just released by Apple in June, 2014. The cool thing about Swift is that, well there a few things.

Cool Things About Swift:

  • It is very new, and you have a jump on others if you get in now.
  • It is going to take over from the old language, objective-c, Apple would prefer everyone use Swift from this point forward.
  • The developer tool to code in Swift – XCode, is free with your Mac-OS X computer.
  • You don’t need a new Mac, an old one will probably do just fine. You need Mac-OS 10.9.4 – Mavericks as a minimum.
  • Apple created it to be easy and fully functional. You need not know Objective-C or other languages to code new applications in Swift.
  • Swift is used to code iOS apps. That means iPhone, iPad, and iPod apps.
  • Over a billion iOS devices are roaming around the world today. More to come.

Quite a list of positives, right?

I’m not done though! I made another positive too.

I’d considered coding years ago, on a number of occasions. I started to learn Objective-C a couple of times and then gave up and moved to other things I was doing. I wasn’t really motivated because I saw it as boring in comparison to other things I could be doing – coding websites, writing books, and shooting videos.

When Swift was announced at the Apple Event in June I was watching it, and it blew me away along with thousands of developers that had no idea it was coming. The preview made it seem really quite a bit better than Objective-C in many ways, but primarily, the way that meant the most to me was that it looked like it was going to be FUN. Funner anyway. I made a mental note that it might work for the next iteration of ‘me’ and I recently decided on it.

In 2015 I got ALL-IN with learning Swift code development for iOS applications. I want to become proficient in it within a few months, and then fairly good by the end of the year.

I’ve been looking at the code for the past few weeks. Guess what? It’s significantly EASIER to code now. If you passed some of your tough high school classes, this is not that much different. Some of it is dry – yes. Some of it is GUI – Graphical User Interface – drag and drop kind of stuff. Sounds good, right? About time, I think!

So I dove right in and started learning from tutorials that were already out there. There are a bunch. Most are junk for beginning learners like you and me. I’ve programmed HTML, a bit of JS, a bit of PHP, CSS. I don’t consider myself to be a programmer. C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, Swift, these are all real programming languages and I’m not up to par yet. That means I need a really basic, easy ramp-up to learn to code Swift. I need it to be as fun as possible. I need motivation to keep going and pushing through the boring parts that I know are upcoming.


How Long Will It Take to Learn Swift?

Depends on you. I’m looking at 2-months to get my course out of the way and know as much as I’m going to from that. Then another 1-2 months to enroll in a paid course and finish that up. At that point you’re ready to go code your own apps, or work for a company, or maybe even start coding other people’s apps on your own on a freelance basis.

What’s cool is you can start learning Swift TODAY even while doing your other job. The exercises I chose for each lesson are easy to get through. Some are tough – overall – this is not a hard course. You can even get a basic Computer Science 101 course if you want. It’s all ‘in there.’

How Much Money Can You Make?

Figure that coders working for companies in entry-level positions are going to earn $40-50K+ initially. That’s ridiculously high for entry-level, right? There is a huge demand for people that can code. Google is hiring anyone that can code for $160,000 plus a massive benefits package. Coders are in demand, and it will only get better in the coming years. People are afraid to code. There are many reasons, but primarily, they just don’t want to fail. They don’t know if they’re smart enough. They don’t know if they’ll like it. They don’t know… THEY DON’T KNOW!

That’s the thing. So, they never know. They never try.

I really believe that there must be 100 people in Hawaii right now that need to change their lives in 2017 for the better. I believe that coding Swift is not out of reach for 50 of them.

Are you one of these 50?

Even if you don’t change over and start coding full-time right away, you can learn part-time and then start building your own iPhone apps within 2-months if you hammer it.

So, think about giving coding a try. Women, men, girls, and boys. You know there are teenagers coding iPhone apps right now that are really on their way to amazing careers!

You can do it too. Give it a try!

Article originally authored by Vern Lovic and any expressed opinions are his own.