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Locals don’t want you to move to Hawaii?

We answered a question from Tom of Oxford PA which I know is on the mind of many: In the Beat of Hawaii blog I've seen an increasing amount of comments from Mainlanders who have been berated by negative, vulgar and offensive comments from locals, including one couple who've been going to Kauai for 20

Locals don’t want you to move to Hawaii?2020-07-21T06:37:09-10:00

How violent were Hawaii’s George Floyd demonstrations?

What were Hawaii's George Floyd demonstrations like? Over 10,000 people demonstrated in Hawaii over the murder of George Floyd.  How violent did the demonstrations get?  How do those demonstrations reflect Hawaii islander cultural values?  I cover these topics in this video. Do you have questions for me to address? Let me know in this form

How violent were Hawaii’s George Floyd demonstrations?2020-06-22T08:40:48-10:00

Moving from Florida to Hawaii – eyewitness account

If you live in Florida and are thinking about a move to Hawaii - this one is especially for you, though this really applies in many ways to anyone on the mainland.  The article is an excerpt of an email written to another subscriber that is concerned about gun violence in public schools on the

Moving from Florida to Hawaii – eyewitness account2020-01-23T08:14:29-10:00

What is Christmas like in Hawaii?

If you live in a place where you not only dream of a White Christmas but usually get one, you might wonder: What is Christmas like in Hawaii?  In some ways it's really different and in other ways it's really similar. What is Christmas like in Hawaii: surfing on Christmas day Just the other day

What is Christmas like in Hawaii?2019-12-24T06:47:49-10:00

How Hawaii Culture is Unique in 5 Ways

Hawaii culture is a very special, unique and different style. The island offers something you have most likely not experienced before and that’s the aloha lifestyle. The food, people, culture and warm waters are different - and amazing! I love it, who doesn’t! There are a few things I noticed about what makes Hawaii feel

How Hawaii Culture is Unique in 5 Ways2019-11-18T07:30:44-10:00

Hawaii Driver Attitudes

Hawaii driver attitudes are known for having a slow pace and aloha attitude. By “aloha,” I mean we let people merge in our lanes without attacking them and other things. Slow and Steady Wins the Race As you already know, Hawaii drivers are on the slower scale. Our speed limits reflect these attitudes. The highest

Hawaii Driver Attitudes2019-06-03T08:27:40-10:00

Illegal Fireworks on Oahu

Oahu's partial ban on fireworks prompted a negative response and illegal fireworks on Oahu. Fireworks have long since been a tradition in the islands on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Aerial fireworks and huge amazing spectacular shows of light are on show throughout the islands. However, fireworks were recently banned in 2010, limiting consumers to

Illegal Fireworks on Oahu2019-06-03T08:26:35-10:00

Top 3 Reasons Why Hawaii is Not for Everyone

Hawaii is truly an amazing, magical place. I was lucky to grow up there as a kid. It’s warm, safe and offers exotic scenery and activities.  However, paradise comes with a cost. It’s expensive, small and a radically different lifestyle than what you grew up with if you were born and raised on the mainland.

Top 3 Reasons Why Hawaii is Not for Everyone2019-01-29T08:25:26-10:00