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4 Ways Oceans are Different from Lakes

I have had several people ask me how oceans are different from lakes. After all, they are both a body of water, right? This is true, however there are some key differences between the two. There are different varieties of sea life and water sports, for example. There are also just simple differences like the

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Sun Exposure in Hawaii is Not a Joke

Sun exposure in Hawaii is not a joke. Visitors to the islands suffer from painful sunburns on the first day of their vacation and it can make the rest of the week unpleasant. Sunscreen is important! Sun Exposure in Hawaii Means Direct Sunlight We all know how the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth tilts towards

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Are Drones in Hawaii Legal?

What Does the Law Say about drones in Hawaii? Drones in Hawaii are considered to be unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and are allowed in the islands for recreational use without a permit.  However, there are restrictions. For example, it must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and must abide by certain restrictions.  Certain

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What Makes Diamond Head Beach Great

What Makes Diamond Head Beach Great Reason #1: Secluded Beach Diamond Head beach is relatively secluded compared to most beaches in the area.  That Kahala area has a lot of attractions and residential areas, so it can be congested during peak tourist times.  The last time I was at Diamond Head beach was the week

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Secret places at Makapuu Lighthouse Hike

The Makapuu Lighthouse hike is fun, easy and kid-friendly. It offers some amazing views, like most hikes in the islands do, and readily available parking! That’s always a plus, especially in Hawaii. The hike also offers some hidden secrets that I love most about it, like geocaching and tidepools. Makapuu Tidepools A set of unique

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Our 4 Favorite East Oahu Neighborhoods

Our Favorite East Oahu Neighborhood #1: Hawaii Kai Hawaii Kai is a residential area with many homes, townhomes and some condominium buildings.  Although there are some high rises in this area, it’s not like the Waikiki area or your typical urban neighborhood. Hawaii Kai is home to young families, and retirement age groups.  There are

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Why many think Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian island

Why Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian Island Reason #1: Mountains Everywhere I have many reasons why I believe Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian island. All neighborhoods and suburban clusters on O’ahu are within a close range of mountains. The two mountain ranges on O’ahu are the Ko’olaus and the Waianae ranges. The Waianae is on

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Top 5 Oahu Hiking Tips

Hiking on Oahu is a different experience compared to your previous hiking adventures.  You’ll need some Oahu hiking tips.  Hiking in the islands is amazing, beautiful, fun and will most likely be a new outlook for those not from the islands.  Tropical climates make for challenging courses and high humidity levels can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

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