What’s the Expert Advice on Where to Stay in Maui?

Where would locals tell you to stay when visiting Maui? Join us on this clip where our regular co-host Heidi Dollinger and special guest and Maui blogger Liza Pierce, author of “Maui 2021 and Beyond” talk about different districts and options to consider when staying in Maui.  Getting a local perspective from those that have lived here for decades is priceless and we hope you’ll enjoy this short segment.

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what’s uh what uh what’s the what’s the
summary of uh of the best place to stay
in maui
okay the best place to stay is in
accordance to what kind of vacation you
want to have on maui
okay so here’s what i mean um if you’re
a first time
um visitor on maui and you want to
explore a lot of things um
like in the resort i would suggest stay
on the west side ka’anapali lahaina
um even kapalua
they you know some people will say it’s
a touristy side of uh maui
it’s still so beautiful you know it’s so
but it’s very very convenient so that’s
you know the the west side kind of pali
lahaina but if you want a more quiet you
know laid back
i usually suggest go on the south side
kihei wailea
and there’s still a lot of things to do
they’re still you know they’re both
but it’s not as crowded in my opinion as
on the kanapali side
excellent uh so that’s a great contrast
between the west side and the south side
of maui heidi what’s what’s your advice
i’d be curious heidi about what’s your
favorite hotel if you’re going to stay
like somewhere and i’d like to know
about whatever else that that you want
to share heidi in addition that i just
want to know what you’re just off hand
what hotel would you stay at as
well oh wow um i mean this is such a
hard question
to even think about answering because
there are so many unique and wonderful
places to stay and
there’s a lot of vacation rentals on
maui that are privately owned
condominiums and homes and
and different resorts so
um it takes some exploring but i mean
like lisa said
think about what is important to you
like do you want to walk outside and
jump in the ocean and be right there are
you looking to be
in a quieter
community i mean
there there are just some amazing
amazing places to stay i would probably
stay in a vacation rental personally
rather than
a hotel or resort if i was
planning my own trip
i just want to add one thing about south
maui and kihei i mean there are some
areas where it’s quieter but there’s
also this one area called the triangle
where all the bars are and i would say
that’s not a quiet area
um yeah so if you’re looking for
something quiet don’t stay around there
yeah even for my own family i mean i
can’t say that there’s one
there’s one best place to stay on maui
because i just i’m aware of so many so
yeah you know it’s kind of funny i uh
i’ve had my well you know maui maui
holds a very very special place in my
heart because it is the first place
where i touched down my very very first
experience in hawaii was maui uh and so
a lot of um a lot of very very fond
memories of that very first visit was it
was transformational changed my life
completely uh and uh but uh late in
later years i remember uh we stayed if
i’m not mistaken we stayed at the grand
wailea where i i’m more of the resort
i’m more of the resort kind of guy i’m
more of the you know the vacation rental
is kind of cool i could definitely see
vacations makes a lot of sense but you
know like when when our family goes on
vacation i want to be at a resort where
i can just kind of hang out and kind of
not have to go anywhere not enough to do
anything just kind of enjoy the things
so we we really enjoyed uh the grand
wide layer but there’s of course lots of
uh there’s there’s amazing places to
and uh the whole khan apology area is
really amazing it is it is the waikiki
sort of of maui for sure but you got it
that beach is is an amazing