Living the Dream on the Island of Maui

A Little Story About How I Was Living the Good Life on Maui - and Threw It Away, and Why I grew up in a low to mid-income family which consisted of my mother and two younger siblings in Western Pennsylvania. It was cold - much too cold for my tastes, and a couple of

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Maui Shopping Options

Shopping on Maui Maui offers a great range of shopping options including swap meets, farmer’s markets, boutique stores, and modern department stores. Visitors to the island will have the opportunity of trying out some of the local goods, and even just window-shopping can be a fun experience in this part of the world. What to

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Maui Wowie!

This is a collection of some of the best images we could find of the island of Maui! Enjoy! Share!

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Living on Maui – 2 Kids, 2 Jobs, Online Dad, Mom Teaching

This is a photo of the West Maui Mountains. There always seems to be rain clouds above them, and it makes for some consistent rainbows. Maui is, to me, the best place to live in the Hawaiian Islands. Brian wrote me below, and told me just about everything I would have asked, so I'll be

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Maui Organic Food Shop – Mana Foods!

Living on Maui is a dream existence. If you can afford it, you should go and see if this is your brand of paradise too. Everyone I ever knew that went to Maui - loved it. It isn't a place for young people into partying so much, but for someone that wants to live out

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Ouch! Lahaina, Maui Shark Bite

A sixteen year old girl was bitten by a shark off the west coast of Maui in front of Hololani Resort and suffered a 5 inch gash on her calf. Beaches were closed for the day. This location is exactly where I used to do some spearfishing years ago. I have never seen a shark

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A Couple Living on Maui on $35,000 Per Year?

Here is an email with questions about moving to Maui... and my response below: ***** Aloha I read your book (so much great information) I still have some questions regarding affordability to live in Maui. Well, me and my husband we are 35 years old with no kids. Currently live in Houston TX. I work

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Maui Beach Sunset

While living on Maui I logged quite a few Maui beach sunsets all over the island, not necessarily where I had a straight shot to see the sun. The sky changes all over the island, so it's always a special time to be at the beach and watching the waves as ambient light fades. I

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Lahaina Produce on Maui – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

I lucked into this video while searching Youtube for something interesting about Hawaii. It's great - she finds rambutans at the Lahaina Produce market ( over by the Pu'ukolii Sugar Train Station. Rambutans are one of the most delicious fruits in the world. I have trouble deciding which is best - rambutan, dragon fruit, or

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Maui Cities - Beaches - Map - Airports - Weather All posts in Maui category (click). Cities Wailuku Lahaina - What is Lahaina, Maui Like? Hana Paia   Beaches Kihei Honolua Kapalua Ka'anapali   Airports Kahului Airport - airport code OGG. The main airport for Maui, receiving flights from Honolulu and international flights. Kapalua Airport


What is Lahaina, Maui Like?

Maui is my favorite island. When I move back to Hawaii, it will likely be to Maui because it has the best of everything. The scenery is breathtaking. The air quality is great. Contrast that with Big Island and Oahu - Waikiki area, where the air is sometimes worse than mainland cities. The beaches are

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