Fishing on your Hawaiian vacation

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Hawaii Shorefishing

There are so many physical activities you can do outdoors in Hawaii during a vacation, or as a permanent resident, but you might run out of things to do after a while if you're adventurous. You shouldn't be able to run out of things to do, there is just too much, but you might run

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Fishing from Shore in Hawaii – is Great Fun!

We just published a new page about shorefishing in Hawaii with some great photos you can find here. We didn't cover a whole lot of "where" to go shorefishing because really you can go just about anywhere. We do give you the official site so you can check restricted areas before heading out for a

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Fishing in Hawaii

Here are some links to articles we've written about fishing in Hawaii. Click one to read it and bookmark this page to find it easily later. Hawaii Shorefishing - some good places to go, tackle shops, technique, videos. Hawaii Deep-Sea Fishing Hawaii Spearfishing Hawaii Free-Diving  

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