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Is Hawaii overpopulated?

Many people ask that question, "Is Hawaii overpopulated?" often and this has been a concern for decades. Hawaii is a beautiful and amazing place. Due to its natural attractive qualities, overpopulation has occurred as a result. Just like New York City, overpopulation can prompt some very uncomfortable living situations for its residents, like traffic. Everyone

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Top 4 little known things on what makes Hawaii great

The active lifestyle in Hawaii incorporates a lot of different things.  For example, you can go on wild adventures to other islands or shop at premier shopping centers alongside the beach.  The great thing about Hawaii is that we have this wide spectrum of things to do, even a nightlife!  Of course, our nightlife is

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Hawaii Resources for U. S. Military Personnel

Here is a collection of links to informative articles and organizations in the Hawaiian Islands that can help make life easier for military personnel living in, or moving to the islands. HAWAII MILITARY BASES - OFFICIAL WEBSITES (All Branches) Bellows Air Force Station, BellowsAFS.com Hickam Air Force Base, Hickam.af.mil Marine Corps Base Hawaii, MCBH.USMC.mil Pacific

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Ultra Running in Hawaii

There are people in Hawaii doing 100 mile 'races' with a cutoff time - meaning you must finish the race within 36 hours. Ultra running is something I've only recently thought of doing - in Hawaii, and my first one will likely be in Thailand in 2015. Pre-2014, I think the farthest I ever ran

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Hawaii Lists

On this page will be links to lists of various Hawaii stuff. We made an outline of all the things we imagined were important to know about Hawaii, and it was sitting on the whiteboard for a couple weeks. Today we decided, ahh, what the heck, lets make up some lists so we can start

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Hawaii Info

Click one of the links below to find out more information about life in Hawaii: Most Popular Hawaii Articles All Hawaii Articles Hawaii FAQ Things To Do Hawaii Photos Hawaii Videos Hawaii Residents Survey & Responses Moving to Hawaii How to Find a Job in Hawaii Hawaii Culture & Philosophy

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Helpful Hawaii Links

Here is a page of links for other Hawaii-focused sites that I've used and had recommended to me in the past from people I trust. Your experience may vary, but probably you'll like them too! Oahu Farmers' Markets List - because everyone needs to get fresh fruits and vegetables in Hawaii, and pay as little

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Hawaii Veterans Services and Benefits

If you're a veteran of the armed forces, you can rest assured that Hawaii state services have things covered. I served in the US Air Force beginning in 1984 and was actually stationed there at Hickam AFB. After I was discharged I moved into downtown Waikiki and visited the VA immediately to see what could

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