On this page will be links to lists of various Hawaii stuff. We made an outline of all the things we imagined were important to know about Hawaii, and it was sitting on the whiteboard for a couple weeks. Today we decided, ahh, what the heck, lets make up some lists so we can start filling them in with links to information you can find here at AimforAwesome.com, and at other locations on the web.

Hawaii Lists:

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There are many ways to get around the islands of Hawaii. Some locals are able to live in Waikiki and exist without a car at all. Others will buy a motorcycle or scooter.Highly recommended are: feet. If you walk, you have the advantage of being able to...

Buy Car, Truck, Van, SUV in Hawaii

Here are some dealers that sell vehicles in Hawaii, by island. The following are not recommendations to buy from these dealers, it is merely a list of some that are available to help you in your search. Oahu Cars / Trucks Craigslist Oahu Cars and Trucks...
Getting Around Hawaii Without a Car

Getting Around Hawaii Without a Car

How to Get Around Hawaii Without a Car Tip #1: TheBus is Awesome TheBus system provides great public transportation around the islands. In fact, Honolulu was rated one of the best cities in the U.S. for its efficient public transportation. TheBus...
The bus system in Hawaii

The bus system in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii has one of the best public transportation systems in the nation. The bus system in Hawaii actually ranks in the top 10 cities for the best transportation based on its high ridership per capita in the city, according to US News. A...

Vehicle Rentals in Hawaii

Vehicle rentals in Hawaii by island. I didn't bother to list the biggest companies, you all know who they are and every major US rental car company has offices at the airports in the major Hawaiian islands. Most of these rental businesses we've listed...

Hawaii Means...

What does Hawaii mean to you? If you haven't yet visited the islands, then you probably will have a different list of descriptors than we've come up with below. When we first came up with Aim for Awesome (.com) we wanted to create a site that explained...