If you’re a veteran of the armed forces, you can rest assured that Hawaii state services have things covered. I served in the US Air Force beginning in 1984 and was actually stationed there at Hickam AFB. After I was discharged I moved into downtown Waikiki and visited the VA immediately to see what could be done. They had job placement services and were very helpful for everything I needed to do – especially getting my VA benefits like the certificate for VA home loan, my VEAP – Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program, and other benefits I was due.

Fast forward nearly twenty years and I found myself right back at the VA for their job placement services. As I remember it I just went to the Workforce Development Office and they asked if I was also a vet. They hooked me up from there. If you haven’t ever dealt with government offices in Hawaii – you’re in for a pleasant surprise. I guess people are actually just happy to have a job. They’re laid back – no negative emotions displayed, they are courteous and kind to those coming to Hawaii to gain employment. It was a real treat – considering it’s not like that all over the mainland, I can tell you from experience.

Veterans Services & Benefits

Office of Veterans Services

Tripler Army Medical Center

459 Patterson Road

E-Wing, Room 1-A103

Honolulu, HI 96819

Phone: (808) 433-0420

Fax: (808) 433-0385

A good site to have a look at before you move to Hawaii is “Hawaii.gov”. The following information about Veteran benefits and services comes from there.

List of services for veterans, active military personnel, spouses and dependents of veterans:

  • Assist in preparation of VA claims
  • Assist with burials of indigent veterans
  • Employment and Re-employment
  • Hawaii Veterans Newsletter, Roster, Website and Memorial Fund
  • Help individuals file VA Appeals
  • Support various Grant-in-Aid requests for veteran related items, for example veterans’ cemeteries, Arizona Memorial, Aviation Museum, Veterans Centers statewide etc.
  • Governor’s Liaison to veterans
  • Assist with legal name change
  • Legislative Advocate for veterans State & Federal
  • Maintain discharge documents
  • Obtain veteran birth, marriage, divorce & death certificates nationwide
  • Provide notary services
  • Refer individuals not qualified for VA benefits to other agencies
  • Represent veterans at VA hearings
  • Tax Exemptions for totally disabled veterans’
  • Review medical service records
  • Validate Service Credit for the State Employees Retirement System
  • Yukio Okutsu Hilo Veterans Home development & oversight

Some veterans don’t want to go visit the Hawaii VA. Whether it’s laziness or the idea that they cannot really help much. I have to argue in favor of going  – what can it hurt? I found the people working at the Hawaii Veterans Administration to be friendly and I’m very glad I stopped by. You’ve got to do it too… don’t be shy, just go see what programs are available – you might be surprised.