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Hawaii Agencies on Aging and Other Social Services

There are a lot of retirees in Hawaii - as you might imagine. Hawaii is pretty well prepared to take care of those that reach the age where they need special care - but, it's expensive. I know Hawaii residents that are paying $3,500 per month for care of their two parents in their home.

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Some Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Some Interesting Facts About Hawaii Hawaii is the only state of the United States that: is not located in the continent of North America grows coffee is completely surrounded by water is an archipelago has a royal palace does not have a straight line in its state boundary has no snakes Highest mountains? Mauna Kea

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Hawaii FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

State of Hawaii Information Nickname: The Aloha State - on vehicle license plates Date of statehood: 8/21/59 State fish: Reef triggerfish State flower: Hawaiian hibiscus State bird: Hawaiian goose (nene) State mammals (terrestrial and marine): Hawaiian monk seal; Hawaiian humpback whale State tree: Candlenut (Kukui) State song: Hawai'i Pono'i State dance: Hula Highest point in state:

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Hawaii Feature Films

These are some films that were made on the islands of Hawaii. You can rent these at Amazon and watch them on your computer now. North Shore - I was actually in Hawaii when they were filming this, and I was asked to do a part beyond that of just an extra. I was going

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Hawaii Websites

These are some of the Hawaii blogs and sites I visit often. I trust the owners of these sites as "good people" and you should too! Liz Pierce's "A Maui Blog" Ryan Ozawa's Hawaii Blog Jon Blum's Maui Vacations - great info about life on Maui, including lots of money saving tips, restaurant reviews, and

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Hawaii Islands

Islands of Hawaii - click one for more information Oahu - Hawaii's most populated island, and the most built up. Probably twice as many things to do as the other islands put together. Maui -  The island of Maui is my personal favorite, it has just enough to do and the beaches are often empty.

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Hawaii Emergency Information

Hawaii and parts of Antarctica are as isolated as places get. There are plenty of natural events that can wreak havoc on the state of Hawaii and this website provides help: Ready.gov. Be sure to visit the link to the left to see the "Hawaii Page" and click on: Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Landslide and Debris

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Hawaii by the Numbers…

Ryan Ozawa has an interesting post today that pulls together numbers from some different sources - all about Hawaii. Read his post, Hawaii by the Numbers and find out the details about: Hawaii topping the country in "well being" Hawaii ranking 2nd in "healthy behavior" Hawaii was one of two states to see large gains

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