These are some films that were made on the islands of Hawaii. You can rent these at Amazon and watch them on your computer now.

North Shore – I was actually in Hawaii when they were filming this, and I was asked to do a part beyond that of just an extra. I was going to be in the Halloween scene and actually have lines. Funny, right? I declined. I never wanted to be a part of movies. I think I am in two scenes anyway as background they shot when I was there at the North Shore.

Soul Surfer – the story of Bethany Hamilton, a young girl surfing on Kauai that was bitten by a shark and lost her arm to her shoulder. She is still competing in surfing competitions.

Pearl Harbor – with Ben Affleck. I think the music soundtrack from the film was even more popular than the movie – and it was quite popular.

Gidget Goes Hawaiian! – this is an old flick that many people still remember. I remember seeing it on TV back in what I’d have to guess was the late 1970’s. A Hawaii classic.