The best way to contact me is by filling out this form.  Please keep in mind that I may or may not respond to your inquiry and if I do, I may publish your question and my answer if it serves the needs of others coming to this website. Mahalo!

Please review before filling out the form:

  • If you are going to ask about getting a job and moving to Hawaii, please read this page on “Ten Steps to Finding a Job in Hawaii” and tell me what step you are on.  If you don’t tell me the step please don’t expect a reply.
  • If you are wondering if you should move to Hawaii, please take this quiz to find out if you can live in Hawaii  on and tell me what result you received.  If you don’t tell me the result please don’t expect a reply.
  • Before you ask a question about Hawaii, please search the website, tell me what you searched for and how the results didn’t answer your question and I’ll then prioritize your message appropriately.
  • I cannot answer any questions related to immigration to the USA. Recommend you to go the US immigration website to get the info you need.


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