When Is The Best Time For You To Visit Maui?

First, let’s be clear – it’s always a great time to come to Hawaii!  However, everyone has different preferences and so there may be some times that are better than others for you.  Join us on this clip where our regular co-host Heidi Dollinger and special guest and Maui blogger Liza Pierce, author of “Maui 2021 and Beyond” talk about how Maui appeals to different people at different times of the year.  Getting a local perspective from those that have lived here for decades is priceless and we hope you’ll enjoy this short segment.

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family and your friends ask you hey
when’s the best time to visit maui
of course any time to hawaii is a
fantastic time we all know that anytime
is a great time but
heidi what would be your favorite time
to if you were gonna if you were gonna
kind of plan a trip for yourself so to
speak when would be the best time that
you would want to visit maui
well it’s always a great time to visit
the most popular time i
think is january february march
and that’s the best time to come if you
want to see the whales
because the humpback whales are here
especially over the coast of west maui
um so that’s a fantastic time to come in
the winter
if you want to come during a time that’s
maybe a little less busy but also
quite beautiful um
end of august september october
may are also
great times to come i mean there’s never
a total off season but it might be
you know a little less busy then and the
water is calm in the summer in general i
mean unless we have a
some kind of storm in the ocean but
um and also you can go parasailing in
the summer and you can’t do that during
whale season so just a sec uh so lisa
what’s what’s your advice uh you know in
uh that you go into more detail in your
book of course what’s the best what
would you say is the best time to come
to maui
yeah well i like how you asked heidi
when you said what’s the best time for
you heidi if you’re going to come
because that’s actually the key answer
in my book is the best time is really
what’s the best time for you so i
outline in the book the different pros
and cons of each um season and like what
heidi said um there’s that low
we call it in tourism industry the low
season of tourists wherein um it’s more
quiet less people the september you know
october in addition it’s um less
expensive hotels travel you know
expenses so that can be for someone
who’s looking to travel on a budget
for me if you’re gonna ask me i love
there’s so much fun activities on maui
and christmas time so i’d come on this
them in december and then like what
heidi said i’ll see the whales too
oh that’s you know not actually i never
i never kind of thought about hearing
from a christmas i i like christmas
perspective that’s really that’s that
that is something new i can see the
whales the whales make a lot of sense
right uh from heist perspective or you
know if you’re surfing et cetera it
depends on what which one uh if you want
the north shore the big surf on the
north shore or the small stuff on the
south shore that’s interesting that’s