Where are the Best Places to Eat in Maui?

When I go on a trip, I plan what I’m going to eat each day every bit as much as I plan what I’m going to do and where I will go. Getting the local view on best places to eat is a must. Join us on this clip where our regular co-host Heidi Dollinger and special guest and Maui blogger Liza Pierce, author of “Maui 2021 and Beyond” share their favorite places to eat from high end to the super deals you’ll find at food trucks.  Getting a local perspective from those that have lived here for decades is priceless and we hope you’ll enjoy this short segment.

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uh heidi you’re you’re the coffee
connoisseur uh presumably you’re also
the restaurant the restaurant visitor
what’s what’s your what’s your favorite
place what’s your favorite place in maui
to go eat and why
well my favorite restaurant on maui is
mama’s fish house in pahia and it’s
it’s been one of the top restaurants on
maui since
the late 70s which i think is quite
impressive but
scenery the view the ambiance is just so
incredible um it’s definitely a special
occasion place to go i mean it’s quite
pricey but it’s
it’s worth it it’s unique and
the food and service is excellent i love
it but
there’s also a lot of other places to go
that are
much more affordable as well i mean some
of my
local places i like to go are
moku roots which is vegetarian and vegan
miso fat sushi
the fish market and honokua they have
really fresh fish i mean you see them
bringing the catch of the day in the
front door and chopping it up and
serving it and
compared to going to
a like
nice restaurant i mean it’s really it’s
affordable i mean you’re basically
sitting on a you know little table and
chairs out by the parking lot but the
fish is amazing snowbirds lisa what’s
your favorite restaurant where do you
where’s your where’s your favorite place
to go eat what’s what’s it for you
okay so um heidi mentioned mama’s fish
house because of course we have to
mention that it’s
expensive i would say that save money
for that when you go there but try it
because it’s excellent
and then um another good um
next to the beach
restaurant is specifically on the beach
which they had um
change management there’s a new
management chef um isa is excellent and
um yeah so that’s an alternative if you
can you know get the reservation at mama
fish house and you want some similar
experience then pacifico on the beach
try that
what’s your favorite diet what’s your
favorite dive restaurant i’m sorry
what’s your favorite diet the most
expensive but food trucks on maui
are great too i mean they are run and
owned by gourmet you know by chef
that uh you get gourmet food when you
order so there’s one
pod there’s so many pots now here on
maui but there’s one pod in um
across from costco gas station on maui
in kahalui
and they have um
various food trucks there that are
excellent havens is one of them
they have noodles and smash burger
tying me up
everyone knows about sign me up it’s
owned by somebody who was a chef
at mama’s fish house
so it’s like you’re having the food from
mama’s fish house here on the food truck
ah tie me up as a mama’s fish house chef
all right
there you go
one more thing that i want to mention is
tin roof
owned by the famous
sheldon chef sheldon
and it’s also close to the airport it’s
like what you were saying this place you
don’t even have a sitting place you just
go there there’s always line there’s
always people wanting to buy the food
but the food is excellent so you just go
order and then go to a place where you
can eat them some you will see on the
the sidewalk people are sitting and just
eating their food there because it’s so
good but so tin roof
and here’s another tip you know it’s
quite new chef
um sheldon and his wife actually just
took over tiffany’s
tiffany’s is this old restaurant local
restaurant here that all people or you
know um
what called veteran people here on uh
maui knows but now it’s
you say the
and uh what do you call that the
long-time residence
come on
and now um
they just announced or they just had
this grand opening that chefs sheldon
um is now the chef or the owner of
tiffany’s it’s in this in central
and so that’s something that if you want
the place to sit down when you’re eating
you know the food cooked by chef sheldon
instead of just on the sidewalk then
that’s an alternative i haven’t been
there but i’m looking forward to trying
that sounds uh man those are some great
some great tips over i still i’m still
thinking about tying me up as the is
that is the mama’s fish house chef uh
that was that was a great review of of
of restaurants man thank you uh i hope
that’s in the i’m sure that’s in the
book but if it’s not put the
put the qr code to this segment that
we’re doing right now put that in your
in your next book because people are
going to want to know about that shelly
paul likes a paella fish market okay by
a fish mark we’re getting some some nods
on that