Anyone can move to Hawaii – only a few end up living here

Moving here is a cheap one-way ticket. Living here requires a deep personal transformation which is why every year more people leave from Hawaii than those coming to the islands.

If you want to live in Hawaii in the best possible way, this is it. 

I created the only structured program that will take you step-by-step from where you are today to living in Hawaii tomorrow based on decades of experience all packed into one program. 

Your dreams and your fears addressed

Most of you want to live in Hawaii to transform your lives, whether it’s lifestyle or spiritual.  I get that!  This is why it’s called the Hawaii Islander Transformation Program. To live in Hawaii successfully is to transform your life to become what I call a “Hawaii Islander” and this is what the program is all about. 

The best jobs connection you can have

Many of you are concerned about the finances and getting a job. As a result, I partnered with Hawaii’s largest employer that will recognize our graduation certificates. While of course this won’t guarantee a job, it most definitely will put you a cut above other mainland candidates that haven’t gone through the program. 

Join the Islander Ohana

You are not alone!  Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining is that you will make new friends from all walks of life that are on a similar journey.  Your cohort will participate in a video conference every other week to talk about the course materials and engage with each other.  We have a private Facebook group available to both the current cohort and alumni to help you make real connections with people that share a common knowledge.

Serious about Hawaii? Join us and pre-register now

Fill out the pre-registration form now  and you’ll be notified when we open up registration for the next cohort whose first video conference is tentatively scheduled for Saturday April 10 at 8:00am Hawaii time. 

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