What does it take to get a job in Hawaii?

One of the most consistent types of question I get is about jobs. Here’s a sample:

  • How hard is it to get a job in Hawaii?
  • I am a specialist for job type X, are they hiring in Hawaii?
  • What kind of job is the easiest to get in Hawaii?

We had a discussion on the show about jobs and Scott shared an important story of his first job application experience in Hawaii.  It shares an important insight and explains what it takes to get the job in Hawaii, and probably why you won’t get hired otherwise.

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you know i get questions from people all
the time about getting a job um
you name it the whole gamut i’ve even
created an online course of how to get a
job in hawaii i have a blog post 10
steps to a job in hawaii it’s a big deal
this video i’m gonna share a story of
that really explains and makes it clear
why you won’t get a job in hawaii unless
you follow our steps
i’m peter k and i connect with people
that want to live in hawaii so if that’s
you you want to subscribe to the channel
and get the notifications we make a
video every other week so the story i
want to share with you today is
about my friend scott and
he’s lived here for decades but he
shared a great story you know i went
went for a job application at the hilton
waikaloa village when i moved over to
the big island in
man look at the view here hope you’re
enjoying this
well his first mistake
is that he was clueless of local customs
in this case the dress code
and i go into the room to turn in my
application you know button down shirt
because now that he’s lived here for 20
years he knows that was his first
mistake which is a little strange
especially for the big island resort
community but back then
he’s thinking
i got this and there’s some people on
board shorts slippers and uh
you know t-shirt turning their
application in and i’m you know straight
from straight off the boat from the
mainland i’m thinking i’m gonna get the
job for these guys until he learns one
of his first biggest lessons about
hawaii and getting jobs
and the one of the guys goes up oh hey
auntie jane you know it gives the
application oh hey brother kimono how
you been you know are you looking so
good nowadays
so what do you think will scott with the
tie get the job or will it go to the guy
in the board shorts and the t-shirt
whose auntie is the hr director and then
i was it didn’t get a call for like a
month and a half for for the application
i was like oh yeah well if you guessed
he wasn’t gonna get the job you guessed
right which really brings us to the
moral of the story it doesn’t matter
none of this stuff matters it’s who you
know not what you know over here and
what you’ve done it doesn’t matter what
you know in hawaii it matters who you
and what you’ve done now if you’ve done
any job hunting at all
you know that the network
is important no matter where you’re
looking for a job the best jobs go to
those who have the best networks just
like in this case that anti probably
gave the job to her nephew it’s just
that in hawaii
those networks are more meaningful than
ever they mean more than they do
i would say anyplace else
because that’s all we’ve got and
therefore if you don’t have a local
network you are at a huge disadvantage
which is why when you apply for a job
from the mainland
it’s almost impossible to get the job
there’s always exceptions but it’s
almost impossible certainly you will be
at a huge disadvantage to someone who
does have a local network all right got
a question for me click on the link in
the description there’s a form fill out
the form tell us your name and where you
so that we can give you credit on a
video i’m peter k
and i am living in the land of aloha
what a beautiful day today where jobs
are plentiful if you have the right