Visitor Cindy writes:

I have thought about moving to Hawaii, Oahu 3yrs after I retire. Would like to know if I could afford to live there on a minimal retirement of 1800.00 a month then possibly find a part time job to also help with expenses. I am a Registered Sleep Technologist and thought I could possibly get a job doing this part time. Thanks for your input I am not a person that has to have all the bells and whistles but would like a pretty nice decent place to live, and it does not need to be lavish just decent and in a good neighborhood

My response to Cindy:

Aloha Cindy,

You would have to plan to work in your retirement. $1,800/mo is going to barely cover your rent for a “decent, good neighborhood” place and taxes. Add in healthcare, food, transportation and you get the idea.

As to whether you could get a job as a Registered Sleep Technologist, I’ve never heard of that position but if you follow my Ten Steps to Finding a Job in Hawaii you will find out everything you need to know.  Hope this helps and let us know what you decided!