I received 2 job-related emails today and this one from Carolyn was the other one:

Hi! I just recently came across a full-time job opportunity in Maui. We were recently discussing financial compensation. They are looking at paying an hourly wage of $30 to low 30’s. It would just be me – no pets, and I have a vehicle I can ship over. In your wise opinion, is this do-able? And do you have better knowledge of what would end up being my take-home from that after taxes?

Thank you for your time!!


Hmm..well assuming you get full time employment, $30/hr is about $60k a year which is just below the poverty level. It’s doable if you’re willing to completely give up a predominately Western value system and embrace island-style living. If you done that before, you know what it’s like and you know if you can do it again.

If you’ve never done something like that before, I strongly suggest you visit here on a total shoestring budget and “simulate” living without any creature comforts. If you love it, it might work.

On take the take-home pay question, compare Hawaii’s income tax and healthcare costs to your state and you’ll get an idea of whether it will be more or less than a similar job where you live today.

Good luck and keep us posted!