Articles about experiences in Maui, Hawaii – an amazing Hawaiian island.

Our favorite places to visit in Hawaii

Some of our favorite places to visit in Hawaii offer a variety of scenery like long beautiful drives and beautiful shorelines. There’s so many gorgeous views that you can admire with your windows rolled down. The North Shore of Oahu Hawaii by Brent is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized

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Maui Hawaii Org – Jon Blum’s Maui Newsletter

If you are considering a move to Maui, then you should definitely sign up with Jon Blum's Maui Newsletter. Jon is a Maui resident that has heaps of information (hundreds of pages) about Maui that will save you money and time. In order to sign up, just go to Jon's HomePage - Maui Hawaii Org

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Couple Thinking of Moving to Islands from Connecticut

Here is an email I got pretty recently about a husband and wife looking to move to one of the islands, but kind of going back and forth about choosing either Maui or Oahu. I think this is a common problem, and one I've also beat myself up over for a while too. There are

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Questions / Answers About Living in Hawaii

I'll do a couple of posts over the next few days to answer questions that came through email about living in Hawaii. Sorry I cannot answer your email unless I post it here - that way the answers can be shared by everyone that reads the blog, not just the one person through email. This

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Is Living on Maui Today Anything Like This 1964 Video?

Teresa Nelle (@Travel_Gal) posted a Twitter link to this 1964 video (below) about visiting Ka'anapali, Maui. I found it fun to watch, what was really interesting was that the island has not changed all that much in nearly 50 years. Sure there are more developments, but it is remarkable that the entire island isn't covered

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Ouch! Lahaina, Maui Shark Bite

A sixteen year old girl was bitten by a shark off the west coast of Maui in front of Hololani Resort and suffered a 5 inch gash on her calf. Beaches were closed for the day. This location is exactly where I used to do some spearfishing years ago. I have never seen a shark

Ouch! Lahaina, Maui Shark Bite2017-05-18T20:52:55-10:00

Living Large in Hawaii

There's nothing like living large. Here (below) you can have a lovely 2 bedroom - 2 bath home that looks like it's perched on a sea cliff - with 4500 acres of land - for just 55 Million USD. If you think about it - it sounds like the deal of the century - 4500

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Maui Beach Sunset

While living on Maui I logged quite a few Maui beach sunsets all over the island, not necessarily where I had a straight shot to see the sun. The sky changes all over the island, so it's always a special time to be at the beach and watching the waves as ambient light fades. I

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Biggest Daytime Party on Maui? Sundays at Little Beach

Don't miss 5:18 when the guy's from Spain show you how they do it in their country! How to find Maui's Little Beach? It's next to Big Beach, of course - everybody knows that! Little Beach, on days other than Sunday - is quiet and you probably won't see more than a handful of people

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