I just got this email not long ago and wanted to respond because I also have had asthma in the past a bit, and they’re talking about moving to my favorite island – Maui. I’ll answer the questions after he asks…* * *

Hello my wife & I (45 & 46 respectively) are considering moving to Maui with our two youngest kids (12 & 10).

One of the main reasons is because both of our youngest have respiratory problems (allergies, asthma, variant cough asthma etc…). We vacationed in Maui & Kauai 2 1/2 years ago and fell in love with Maui. Our daughter did not experience any respiratory problems or asthma attacks during the almost 2 weeks there.

My question(s) to you are:

1.) What area in Maui is best to buy a home (4 bedroom / 3 bathroom) family friendly. Our budget would probably be in the $500k-$800k range.

Answer – I would suggest you contact a good real estate agent. I refer everyone to Jen Tempchin, who comes highly recommended. Her contact info: Phone 808.280.1090, email Jen@QreMaui.com

2.) Initially we would probably rent ($2k-$3k). What’s a good area for renting.

Answer – You don’t say whether you’ll be working, where you might find work, what you do… etc. At the base of Haleakala Volcano is Kula… a cool, laid-back area that is ideal to live. Rent might be found in that price range. Paia also is a very laid back place and you might find something for that range. Wailuku might have something, but it is rather crowded – it’s the “city” part of Maui.

3.) What things should we be prepared for that the travel sites don’t mention & the locals know about.

Answer – I think you’ll have to read “Moving to Hawaii 2012”. I have a lot of tips in there. You can also start reading the over 150 articles I’ve written about living in Hawaii here – Hawaii Articles

4.) We go to church (non-denomination), any churches you would recommend?

Answer – Not a church goer myself, but there are plenty of churches on Maui to choose from, probably one close to wherever you decide to rent and then buy.

5.) Any other advise or comment would be greatly appreciated.

Answer – It’s hard for me to give you much to go on. You didn’t say much about your situation. Will your kids be attending public or private school?

I sometimes have asthma, and I lived in Hawaii for 6 years – Oahu, and Maui. In Hawaii I never had a problem with asthma. In Miami I had a problem occasionally. In Thailand – never. In South Korea – often. In Tampa, Florida – never. In Pittsburgh, PA – occasionally. In New York City – often. If Maui is one place your children don’t have any difficulties breathing – great! The other islands would likely be the same.

Good luck to you all, I do hope you find what you’re looking for in Maui. It’s paradise in paradise really…