There’s nothing like living large. Here (below) you can have a lovely 2 bedroom – 2 bath home that looks like it’s perched on a sea cliff – with 4500 acres of land – for just 55 Million USD. If you think about it – it sounds like the deal of the century – 4500 acres bordering the Pacific Ocean in Maui?

Of course Hana is a bit remote. But, I think with 4500 acres to play on – I could get used to living remotely! Couldn’t you?

I sent a facebook message to my family and a friend in Hawaii and asked if they’d all want to pool money with me and buy this buggah and go live with me in paradise.

Only one responded, and she probably has the least amount of money.

Hmm. Anybody else out there? I figure we’d throw an outhouse in the back and start scraping the land for planting.

What would we plant?

What could give us back 55 million? That’s what we’d plant.

Opium? Herb? Lol. I don’t know, but it gives a new meaning to the word “cash crop”.

If there are any waves down there we could create a giant surf park. Live there for a month and surf, and we feed you and have dancing hula girls and guys in skirts twirling fire sticks at night. Maybe make water slides from the top of the cliffs for the keiki. Rock climbing for the adventurous. Yeah, that’s it… a Hawaii Outdoor Adventure Park.

If I had 100 million dollars I think this is what I’d do. It wouldn’t have to make money, it would have to provide some unique opportunity to enjoy living in, and adventuring in, the islands.

Why doesn’t anyone with money coming out of their ears do this? Personally, I think there’s nothing like some sort of outdoor adventure to keep me in a great mood and loving life. Even people with cancer and every other sort of malady – can appreciate something outdoors. Give money to fund research for curing the whole realm of disease and genetic problems – sure. Then, create something amazing to help people enjoy life – that have a life to enjoy.

I forgot parasailing and hang gliding. Cliffs are good for that. We’d add that to the mix.

Oh wait… I almost forgot… a big staircase to climb for exercise. Lately (this year) I’ve been getting into stair climbing in a big way (see We could build a long set of stairs up the side of the cliff, to provide some low-impact exercise opportunity for those whose knees are too weak for running or parkour.

I’m still relatively young. I have the energy. Let’s do this.

Let’s start a fund. Anybody want to throw in 10 million to get us started?

Wait, wait… the best idea yet… we make the entire complex for kids with life threatening or debilitating disease or impairments! Kids without money to go enjoy life. Kids that need special treatment to stay alive another couple of weeks or months… we give them and their family a gift they’ll never forget!

Ok, now who is on-board?


Peter Kay
Living in Hawaii is probably the best thing you will ever do. Why not look into it?