Articles about experiences in Maui, Hawaii – an amazing Hawaiian island.

What is Lahaina, Maui Like?

Maui is my favorite island. When I move back to Hawaii, it will likely be to Maui because it has the best of everything. The scenery is breathtaking. The air quality is great. Contrast that with Big Island and Oahu - Waikiki area, where the air is sometimes worse than mainland cities. The beaches are

What is Lahaina, Maui Like?2016-04-11T17:36:56-10:00

Papalaua State Wayside Park in West Maui, Hawaii

It might have been this park that started my unholy obsession with hiking and climbing. I lived on Maui for over a year while working for a Maui resort management firm in Lahaina. I lived in Kahana, and I got a lot of days off and free time. Every chance I could, I got my

Papalaua State Wayside Park in West Maui, Hawaii2019-02-11T06:43:23-10:00

Haleakala National Park – Maui, Hawaii

Haleakala (in Hawaiian, "House of the Sun") Haleakala National Park on Maui, Kula, HI 96790 Park office phone: 808-572-4400 One of my favorite activities on Maui is to drive up Haleakala National Park and walk around the crater. This is one of the most photogenic places on the island of Maui and anywhere in the

Haleakala National Park – Maui, Hawaii2019-02-13T06:48:40-10:00

Living in Maui Ohana – Vern Lovic’s House

Back in 2003-2004 Vern Lovic was living in a very, very small place on the island of Maui - and it was still $1100 per month. It was an Ohana - mother-in-law style cottage which is like saying a small building away from the main house. This house was only about 400 square feet and

Living in Maui Ohana – Vern Lovic’s House2019-02-13T06:49:51-10:00

Maui’s Coolest Run (to the Sun) Cancelled

Maui had an annual run up the 10,000 foot volcano, Haleakala that was grueling and only for masochists apparently.Who can run 36.2+ miles up a hill? An entire marathon running up a hill? I've driven up that road to the top of Haleakala probably two dozen times. It's an awesome drive. I've seen thousands of

Maui’s Coolest Run (to the Sun) Cancelled2019-02-13T06:50:32-10:00

Awesome Hawaii Videography:

I'm subscribed to Dan's Maui, Hawaii blog via RSS feed and was looking at some of the videos there this morning. I'm very impressed. If you want to get a good idea what a beach looks like in Maui or anywhere in Hawaii, it's hard to get the big picture from a photo or

Awesome Hawaii Videography: HawaiianOBrien.com2017-05-18T20:53:10-10:00

What’s a Moonbow? An Awesome Life Experience!

Today's awesome life experience is about moonbows! Did you ever have the awesome experience of seeing a "moonbow" at night? What's a moonbow? A moonbow is like a day time rainbow, except it is formed not directly by the sun, but by the light of the moon... which is actually sunlight reflected off the moon

What’s a Moonbow? An Awesome Life Experience!2019-01-09T08:08:45-10:00

Awesome Thailand and Hawaii Photos Index

This is my awesome photos index that I created to show a bit of Thailand and Hawaii. These are two of the most incredible places in the world and if you get a chance to go - you must. Even if you need to do something crazy to make it happen, you really need to

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1st Post: Aim for Awesome

Hi and Welcome... This is the 1st post for this Hawaii-focused personal development blog. This blog is intended to be a resource for those that are trying to improve their lives in many ways. Sometimes I'll just try to provide some laughter or a different point of view on things. Sometimes I'll look at things

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