While living on Maui I logged quite a few Maui beach sunsets all over the island, not necessarily where I had a straight shot to see the sun. The sky changes all over the island, so it’s always a special time to be at the beach and watching the waves as ambient light fades.

I was really happy to re-find Hawaiian Dan Obrien’s videos again today. The music is so soothing and it just puts me in the mood to sit here and write about the islands… hoping I can give you some small glimmer of what it’s like to live in Hawaii as you read these articles.

Dan shoots with high definition video cameras and uses a tripod… panning is smooth, and shots well composed – that much is all obvious. His editing is also professional, and his photographic eye brings something more to the Hawaii beach videos he shoots… something extra that makes me sit through a dozen of them at a time. I’m queing them up now as I write this story, and as each one fades out…

Maui beach sunsets are just like this video shows. There are few people on most of the beaches, on many beaches there will be nobody at all but you and whomever you brought with you. There is usually a cool breeze, and the waves reflect the sunlight as the sun slips behind low clouds on the horizon or the distant horizon. The sky turns all shades of red, pink, and orange at this time – and I must have thousands of sunset photos on my old hard drives.

Maui is a place, some say, for lovers. In my own case, that was true – and it is a lovely island to enjoy when you’re with the one you love. I think Maui is also an ideal island for families. Though I’d have a hard time bringing my sweet little 2 year old daughter to Oahu to grow up on, I could bring her to Maui, and have thought about it often. I was close to naming her Maui, but instead we opted for a Thai name that sounds a little Mauish… Mali. It means jasmine flower in Thai. Sweet, right? She is!

If you haven’t yet visited Maui, and especially if you’re thinking of a place to retire or for a complete change of life – Maui might be just what you’re looking for. You won’t know it until you arrive and spend a couple of weeks, roaming around near deserted beaches and eating delicious food island-wide.

Have a look at some of Dan O’Brien’s Maui beach videos – they are really excellent, and you’ll have a better idea why it is my favorite of the Hawaiian Islands. Dan’s video production company is Mesh Media, LLC..

Maui No Ka Oi!