Back in 2003-2004 Vern Lovic was living in a very, very small place on the island of Maui – and it was still $1100 per month. It was an Ohana – mother-in-law style cottage which is like saying a small building away from the main house. This house was only about 400 square feet and had bedroom, kitchen, and living room area. That’s it!Maui is very expensive – I chose to live in Kahana on the west side of Maui, just past Ka’anapali.

The ohana was small and hot. Air con all the time or I just couldn’t stand it. There were multiple families of centipedes living under the carpet – and I was bitten once pretty good. The babies were so cute though… lol.

It was down the road here that I saw the largest centipede ever – and probably a world record. It was easily 12 inches long and the body thick like my middle finger. I thought it was a snake at first – big!

Here’s the map link to give you a better idea. I could walk to the beach for bodyboarding, surfing, snorkeling, free diving and spear fishing. It was a pretty ideal location because I was surrounded by retired rich folks mostly from California that were quiet and respectful. A great street to live on.

Maui is a great place to live – people are nice, I saw few people on drugs, but I didn’t live in Kahului in town. There were many hikes to go on, and of course I was up Haleakala more times than I can count. The surfing is OK in a few spots, and mostly it’s just a different, less touristy, atmosphere than staying on Oahu.

The living is good on Maui and I highly recommend it.

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