Maui had an annual run up the 10,000 foot volcano, Haleakala that was grueling and only for masochists apparently.Who can run 36.2+ miles up a hill? An entire marathon running up a hill?

I’ve driven up that road to the top of Haleakala probably two dozen times. It’s an awesome drive. I’ve seen thousands of bicyclists coming down it – and you know what? It’s hard just to keep braking for 30 miles coasting down the hill. Some tourists still crash!

I love climbing hills on the bicycle – short and steep, 1-2 mile hills are my favorites. Long hills of 5+ miles just aren’t that interesting to me on a bike. On a run – I wouldn’t see the point.

Running 30 miles up a volcano – wow. To those that could do it – my highest respect.

The race director of the past 7 years stepped down. Nobody has jumped into his place.

Will the run go on anyway as an unsanctioned, unregulated event? Could it?

It was supposed to be held on March 20,  2010.

Someone could grab the ball and run with it if they wanted to keep the event going. A sad thing when running and biking events are canceled in Hawaii. Or anywhere.

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