How Hawaii Culture is Unique in 5 Ways

Hawaii culture is a very special, unique and different style. The island offers something you have most likely not experienced before and that’s the aloha lifestyle. The food, people, culture and warm waters are different - and amazing! I love it, who doesn’t! There are a few things I noticed about what makes Hawaii feel

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Hawaii Driver Attitudes

Hawaii driver attitudes are known for having a slow pace and aloha attitude. By “aloha,” I mean we let people merge in our lanes without attacking them and other things. Slow and Steady Wins the Race As you already know, Hawaii drivers are on the slower scale. Our speed limits reflect these attitudes. The highest

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Illegal Fireworks on Oahu

Oahu's partial ban on fireworks prompted a negative response and illegal fireworks on Oahu. Fireworks have long since been a tradition in the islands on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Aerial fireworks and huge amazing spectacular shows of light are on show throughout the islands. However, fireworks were recently banned in 2010, limiting consumers to

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Top 3 Reasons Why Hawaii is Not for Everyone

Hawaii is truly an amazing, magical place. I was lucky to grow up there as a kid. It’s warm, safe and offers exotic scenery and activities.  However, paradise comes with a cost. It’s expensive, small and a radically different lifestyle than what you grew up with if you were born and raised on the mainland.

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Top 3 reasons why you might think Hawaii locals in Hawaii are rude to you

Why you might think locals in Hawaii are rude to you reason #1: They aren’t as cheerful as the people who picked you up at the airport. The personal hotel chauffeur service that picked you up at the airport were probably the happiest, cheerful people. They brought leis for you and your visiting family members,

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Top 3 Ways to be Respectful and Accepted by Native Hawaiians

The native Hawaiian community is an exclusive group of locals that are one to be respectful of. It’s important not to cross boundaries or risk discomfort and unpleasant interactions. How to be accepted by native Hawaiians #1: clean up after yourself and have respect for the land Respecting the land (Aina,) is a core part

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Is there segregation in Hawaii?

Segregation in Hawaii: Local Language Local language is a quality of Hawaiian culture that contributes to segregation in the islands. It’s easy to see who is a local based on the language and slang they use. For example, familial terms like “cousin” and “aunty” can describe close friends instead of actual blood-related relatives. Locals use

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What’s island life like: plate lunches in Hawaii

For those wondering what's island life like: it's plate lunches in Hawaii! What are plate lunches in Hawaii? Plate lunches are essentially what they sound like. They’re a serving of lunch, usually with some meat, rice, and side dish. They’re really common at local restaurants and their intended purpose is as a to-go meal for

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About Hawaii’s local culture of being humble

Being humble is a big deal in Hawaii. We always look for cues as to whether someone is humble or not. Our local girl Aina writes about various aspects of living in Hawaii that illustrate how humble values express themselves throughout our culture. If you're planning on living in Hawaii, better get to know this

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Five things we like about Honolulu

If you ask a local about the things we like about Honolulu, we'll list really simple things like our Asian food and aloha fridays. Nothing beats spam musubis for lunch!  Aloha Fridays Fridays are revered in Hawaii. Everyone is so excited that it’s Friday, we named it aloha Friday. “Aloha” means love or welcome in

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Why we love Hawaii’s people

Hawaii's People Hawaii is unlike most other states in that you can’t refer to citizens of Hawaii as “Hawaiians.” It’s simply incorrect. For example, you could call an individual from Nevada a “Nevadan” and that would be correct. However, that’s because a “Nevadan” isn’t representative of an ethnicity. The term “Hawaiian” though refers to the

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