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Adjusting to Hawaii culture in the best way

If you're going to live in Hawaii, or should I say “the melting pot,” is a unique place filled with several different cultures, languages and ethnicities and you need to know about adjusting to Hawaii culture if you're going to survive. Hawaii is one of the few states where although you may be a resident

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Hawaiian Heiau Landmarks – Not for Fun and Games

The first time I visited a heiau in Hawaii was my last time. Though I wouldn't call myself 'intuitive' by any stretch of imagination, I felt something strong there. Strangely, I felt uncomfortable and as if I was in the wrong place, just being there. It probably didn't help that I was alone that day

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Accomplished Hawaiians

These are some well known local Hawaiians that have excelled at their art: Duke Kahanamoku - Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku was a competitive swimmer, actor, and businessnman. He is perhaps best known for bringing the sport of surfing to many people in the early 1900's. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole  - "Bruddah IZ", singer, songwriter, ukelele

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Taimane – Hawaiian Ukulele Player Extraordinaire!

I was looking through Youtube to find some Hawaiian music and again came across this fantastic ukulele player, Taimane. She has complete mastery over this instrument. I'm nearly spellbound watching her play. Here's an outdoor performance she did to help promote Kamehameha Schools Ho'olaule'a 2013. Wish you were there?

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Hawaiian Language

Here are some resources for those of you interested in learning more about the almost lost Hawaiian language. Hawaiian Language Universities offering Hawaiian Language Courses: University of Hawaii Chaminade University Hawaii Pacific College Websites with Hawaiian Language Information: Youtube Videos of Hawaiian Language Books about Hawaiian Language

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From Wikipedia: Native Hawaiians (in Hawaiian, kānaka ʻōiwi, kānaka maoli or Hawaiʻi maoli) refers to the indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands or their descendants. Native Hawaiians trace their ancestry back to the original Polynesian settlers of Hawaii. According to the U.S. Census Bureau report for 2000, there are 401,162 people who identified themselves


Hawaiian Culture – Heritage

Hawaiian Culture is rich in beliefs that you have probably never heard of. Here are three articles about ancient beliefs Hawaiians held: The Seven Principles of HUNA Our Three Selves The Four Levels of Reality

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Pono: Ancient Hawaiian Belief System Videos

I'm absolutely spellbound by this series of videos. I just watched the first two, and am queuing up the third. There are 6 videos in this Pono series. If you are interested in the ancient Hawaiian beliefs... you will love listening to this man talking about his experience growing up, the influence of his father,

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