Ever wonder why everyone is so nice in Hawaii? There’s a few good reasons why this happens – and one of them is probably because you’re related to them. However, there are also reasons for why everyone is so nice in Hawaii, a few of them revolving around the fact that it’s a small town and “aloha” is a foundational value of the islands.

You’re probably related

There’s a good chance that you’re related to someone you meet either by blood relations or just through family friends. Henceforth, that’s a good reason for you to be nice to them – because you’re most likely related to them. If you’re not related to them, you probably still have mutual friends or family friends somewhere down the line, so it’s just a good idea to be nice to them.

It’s a small island and you’re probably related. Pixabay image. No attribution required

You’ll probably run into that person again

Hawaii is a small island. It only takes 3-4 hours to drive around the entire circumference of the island (given you’re not doing this on a Saturday during peak traffic hours.) There’s a good chance that you’re going to run into someone more than once in your life, even if it’s an individual you don’t personally know but have only seen at some local starbucks. If you’re an athlete in high school, there’s also a very good chance that you’ll run into the same people at future competitions and meets.

people crowd

Everyone in the neighborhood goes to the only Foodland in the neighborhood, so you’re bound to see them again.

Personal reputations are everything

Like I said earlier, Hawaii is a very small place, and in very small places, personal reputations are worth much more. Reputations rely on first impressions and everyday interactions, so it makes sense for someone to be nice to you if their reputation depends on it. In Hawaii, it’s your reputation that will help you make friends and contacts, contacts that will eventually help you find work and a job, so there’s a good reason for why people value their reputations.

business suit

Business suits are practically unseen in Hawaii.

Aloha is foundational

The “aloha spirit” isn’t just a phrase. It’s a lifestyle here in Hawaii. People use the terms “aunty” and “uncle” to address elders that aren’t even blood-related. It’s an endearing term, more than just a label for family members. People also practice other forms of aloha, such as visiting a friend or family member’s home and bringing a gift or food. It’s unheard of to visit someone’s home without bringing something. It’s just part of the aloha spirit here. Henceforth, as part of the aloha spirit it’s just natural for people to be nice to other people. It’s common for people to be over-courteous and extra-nice to others because that’s just considered the aloha spirit, contributing to why everyone is so nice in Hawaii.

Hula dancing in Hawaii

Kahiko wear is more traditional.

It’s really a small town

The total population of Hawaii is roughly one million people, between all the islands. A majority of the population lives on O’ahu, particularly in Honolulu. That’s really not a big number compared to mainland states. Hawaii communities are smaller because of the reduced land space, so towns and neighborhoods become even smaller. Neighborhood units are so important that we are the only state that has neighborhood board committees, state-recognized boards in which members of the neighborhood are elected to represent members of the community. There are about a hundred neighborhood boards on the island of O’ahu. That’s a lot of small towns.

small house island

It’s a small town.