Oahu’s partial ban on fireworks prompted a negative response and illegal fireworks on Oahu. Fireworks have long since been a tradition in the islands on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Aerial fireworks and huge amazing spectacular shows of light are on show throughout the islands. However, fireworks were recently banned in 2010, limiting consumers to few fireworks and limited hours to show them off on holidays like New Year’s Eve.

More Fireworks

Kalihi Valley on Oahu is known for blowing up beautifully insane aerial fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I think the recent New Year’s Eve coming in to 2019 was covered on local news stations from a bird’s eye camera view. It was beautiful. Fireworks were everywhere and when the clock struck 12 the place was literally on fire. This is probably why city and county banned fireworks in the first place. Nonetheless, New Year’s Eve is big in the islands and people go all out. I think fireworks have been the tradition for a long time and it’s one of the things that makes it all so special. Even though it’s very illegal to be blowing off aerial fireworks in a densely populated residential area without proper licensing. In conclusion, a response to a partial ban on fireworks means illegal fireworks on Oahu! 

illegal fireworks on Oahu

Hawaii: Hot Lava on the Big Island by Eli Duke is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.

Unhappy Campers

Locals were not happy about the consumer firework ban. I think the ban occurred in 2010. It put into action a ban on consumer fireworks and required proper licensing to use a limited number of firecrackers. The two are defined differently by Bill 34 passed by the Honolulu Council in September 2010. It outlaws sparklers and paperless firecrackers. Like I said, locals were not happy campers about this. The overwhelming popular opinions were pretty upset about this partial ban on fireworks. People felt like their culture was under attack, especially the Chinese culture. Some even labeled the bill as unconstitutional. The Chinese Lion Dance Association spoke out on the issue to local news stations like Hawaii News Now.

illegal fireworks on Oahu

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Chinese Culture

In an article by Hawaii News Now reporter Teri Okita, local groups like the Chinese Lion Dance Association viewed the bill as an attack on Chinese culture and basically unconstitutional. The city established that its purpose of the bill was for the safety of Honolulu residents due to the immense fire risk levels present because of out of control fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Locals discussed the vibrant Chinese culture looking forward to New Year’s Eve traditions, like fireworks. Many claimed that the entire Chinese culture is at risk because of this partial ban. Like many other states banning fireworks, there was incredible backlash but Honolulu saw a cultural backlash.

illegal fireworks on Oahu

China Walls Hawaii by Justin De La Ornellas is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.

Banning All Illegal Fireworks on Oahu

Honolulu City Council is revisiting firework laws and we could see more restrictions coming into play, like a total ban on fireworks instead of the current partial ban. This might be because the Honolulu Police Department is still issuing citations and arrests for those violating the law on popular holidays and blowing off aerial fireworks without proper licensing. Some even post public footage of their firework stash, disregarding local laws. This could be why lawmakers are considering cracking down on illegal firework use. There are also still a number of firework-related injuries on New Year’s Eve and difficulty breathing for those with asthma on these explosive holidays.

illegal fireworks on Oahu

Queen Liliuokalani Statue facing the Hawaii State Capitol by Daniel Ramirez is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.