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Big Island, Hawaii aka: Hawaii Island. Hilo is here as is Kilauea volcano that is erupting pretty steadily into the land and Pacific Ocean.

Facts on the Kilauea volcano eruption in 90 seconds

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has recently started erupting.  I put together a 90 second video with facts taken from the USGS (US Geological Survey) into a quick video.  Enjoy! Want to see some other video features? Let me know in this form below. Loading...

Facts on the Kilauea volcano eruption in 90 seconds2020-12-28T07:23:02-10:00

Kilauea volcano is erupting – what’s it like nearby?

We had a fabulous show last week and if you have any interest on this topic at all, you'll want to watch! Our Big Island expert Dylan Nonaka brought some very special guests that live only a mile away to discuss these topics and more: What's it like being so close to an active volcano

Kilauea volcano is erupting – what’s it like nearby?2020-12-28T07:14:35-10:00

Active lava flow in Hawaii: 4 reasons to see it

Right now (July 2016) there's a precious moment going on the Big Island of Hawaii: lava is flowing off a steep cliff into the ocean and it's attracting thousands of visitors. If you ever get the chance, you must go see a lava flow in Hawaii from active volcanoes! Why would you want to see lava flow

Active lava flow in Hawaii: 4 reasons to see it2019-02-25T08:34:27-10:00

Planning for Big Island Living in Hawaii in 7 Years

Here is the first of a new batch of living in Hawaii emails I got over the past half month or so. Again, I prefer to respond to emails by posting at the site here because: I just wouldn't have time to give everyone a personal email back that writes to ask about the viability

Planning for Big Island Living in Hawaii in 7 Years2017-05-18T20:52:55-10:00

Big Island’s Volcano Eruption Effect on Oahu?

Looks like half a million people would die. Not from the lava. Not from the unbreathable air. The resulting tsunami that would occur when huge amounts of land fell off the wall of the volcano into the Pacific Ocean would devastate Oahu, not to mention Maui and the other islands. National Geographic did a 'what

Big Island’s Volcano Eruption Effect on Oahu?2019-02-15T08:45:10-10:00

Film Festival Week on Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii's Big Island (and it is) is the place to be for new film as they are holding the annual Big Island Film Festival right now. There are day and evening films being shown at the Mauna Lani Resort from May 12th to 16th. Have a look at ratings if you're bringing keikis along, at

Film Festival Week on Big Island Hawaii2016-03-17T16:52:25-10:00

Hawaii Business Idea: Lava Restaurant

Everybody stop saying Iceland never gave us anything... because, now they have given us the ultimate Hawaii business idea - restaurants on lava-beds. Why some enterprising Hawaiians haven't come up with this on their own - I don't know. Waves too good maybe? Why Hawaiian Lava Restaurants will work: 1. Cheap land. 2. No heating

Hawaii Business Idea: Lava Restaurant2017-05-18T20:53:06-10:00

Is Big Island Paradise? Not for this Family…

Just read something over at Damon Tucker's blog... a heartbreaking story of a Big Island family's experience of almost losing their teen daughter forever... Damon's Blog Entry > Is Big Island Hawaii the ultimate island - free from drugs and crime as Hawaii gets?

Is Big Island Paradise? Not for this Family…2017-05-18T20:53:07-10:00

Magical, Mysterious, and Matchless Hawaii

Hawaii's main islands are filled with natural and cultural wonders. This YouTube video shows a tour boat that goes out from Big Island Hawaii and takes tourists to see up close the various spots where the volcano, Kilauea, squirts lava into the sea - creating more of the Big Island on an ongoing basis. Watch

Magical, Mysterious, and Matchless Hawaii2019-02-11T08:04:00-10:00

1st Post: Aim for Awesome

Hi and Welcome... This is the 1st post for this Hawaii-focused personal development blog. This blog is intended to be a resource for those that are trying to improve their lives in many ways. Sometimes I'll just try to provide some laughter or a different point of view on things. Sometimes I'll look at things

1st Post: Aim for Awesome2017-05-18T20:53:13-10:00