My friend wrote me and told me the good news… he’d just bought a house on Big Island, Hawaii!

Was I happy for him? I’m not sure.

I checked the Google Earth satellite shot and it was just as I suspected… he’s right on the edge of the lava flow. Now, probably every house on Big Island is right on the edge of some lava flow… not to mention sitting on top of a couple trillion pounds of lava underneath the surface.

He wants to rent out the one unit on the property and live in the other one. Do people want to rent out for vacation a house sitting on an active volcano? Apparently so.

Is this rational behavior? He’s from Sweden originally, so we have to take that into account… but, even regular people are buying property on the top of this active volcano.

Would you ever buy a home or property on Big Island, Hawaii?

Are you in the least fearful that the volcano could blow up without anyone having any clue – and drown you in molten lava?