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Aloha, I'm Peter Kay and thanks for being here! Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc. I've been living in Hawaii most of my life, since the mid 80's.  After all these years, I still get up every morning and pinch myself that I am and have been "living the dream" since my early 20s. I

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Oahu Island Overview: What is Oahu Like?

Oahu is Nice! But, Some Drawbacks...Oahu is incredibly beautiful, and the most visited of all the Hawaiian islands. Oahu also has the most visitors. Can you say crowds? During rush hours the traffic is pretty horrible. The major highways and streets are clogged and it's not advised to be driving around during that time. That

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What to Do in Hawaii on Each Island?

Here is a review of the things to do on each of the Hawaiian islands to help you decide which ones you want to visit during your dream trip to Hawaii. If you're pressed for time or money - and everyone is, you'll want to narrow down your choice of islands so you get the

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