Aloha, I’m Peter Kay and thanks for being here!

Peter Kay with backdrop of valley, mountains and clouds

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I’ve been living in Hawaii most of my life, since the mid 80’s.  After all these years, I still get up every morning and pinch myself that I am and have been “living the dream” since my early 20s.

I love Hawaii so much and have decades of experience to share with you all. I’ve been running a small business since the 80’s here and have gone through many economic ups and downs and still here to write about it. Feel free to connect professionally with me via LinkedIn and make sure you include a message that you found me via this site as I don’t just accept LinkedIn request from just anyone :).

My story is pretty simple and somewhat typical. I came to Hawaii on a vacation and instantly fell in love the moment I got off the plane at the airport. Six months later, I packed my car and drove cross-country from the Midwest and flew to Honolulu, where I didn’t know a single soul, much less have a job.

I was a software engineer, one of the first crop of new ones specializing in “micro-computers” like the Apple ][ and IBM PC.  It was only after I arrived in the islands that I discovered there were no jobs for guys like me!  So I struggled along for several years, getting odd jobs and doing whatever it took to survive.

Over those years, I made lots of friends and started my first business with other partners after living here for 2 years and since then I’ve never looked back.

I like to believe I’ve invested my time wisely in Hawaii. I’ve worked really, really hard, got to know the culture, its people, the politics (I ran a bunch of campaigns) and served my community by being on many boards. I don’t know how else to say this: I just love this place!

I love the outdoors (you have to if you live here!) and have done a lot of hiking, surfing, and other island adventures. I particularly love bodysurfing. I would love to hear suggestions on how we can make this site better than it already is!


Peter Kay