This ad, I saw a couple days ago. Someone was looking for a web designer for $10 an hour, and said at the end – “So, get on it”! Really funny, as if this was a great rate that someone should jump at.

I see these kinds of ads often, and, while I’ve never thought to reply to one – many times I laughed at how clueless the person wanting to hire someone was.

Just now I see that someone responded in Craigslist to the person placing the ad – and now it’s more funny.

It’s doubly funny because there are two people that are goofballs. The first for not having any clue that any decent web programmer is worth $20 and more per hour. The second reason is that the guy that responds takes it personally and has to set him straight.

It’s anyone’s right to offer as little as they want for a job – some people will take $10 per hour. In fact, here in Thailand, I would take $10 per hour. Of course it’s equivalent to $30 or so an hour in the states… but the point is – someone even in Hawaii may take that rate if they need cash.

My favorite part is when the guy wanting the Hawaii web developer says – SO GET ON IT! That’s killing me…! ha!

RE: looking for web developer asap (Try again)

from craigslist | web/HTML/info design jobs in hawaii

$10 an hour? Uhhh.. my friend, you must be not aware what a decent web developer or web designer is worth. Managers at fast food restaurants make more than this. Please don’t insult people with this, we’re worth about $30+ an hour.

*****original message*****

im looking for a capable person to web develop my site …its imapartive that you know what your doing i will pay $10.00 an hour…call 808-664-6699 if interested the job will not last soon…so get on it


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