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Hawaii Blogs You Could Start to Make Money

I'm surprised at the number of people visiting this site while on vacation or living in Hawaii. I know some of you are visiting the islands and are in search of more information about things to do and maybe even about the possibility of living in Hawaii. I think some of you must already be

Hawaii Blogs You Could Start to Make Money2019-02-13T07:35:07-10:00

25 Reasons to Buy the Macbook Air (Video)

Here's a video I did recently about why you might consider purchasing a Macbook Air as your primary notebook computer if you are a writer. Most of the reasons given can be generalized to a lot of other professions and casual uses. This computer is the best I've had, and I've had over 20 notebook

25 Reasons to Buy the Macbook Air (Video)2017-05-18T20:52:48-10:00

Hawaii Craigslist Ads Are Funny Sometimes

This ad, I saw a couple days ago. Someone was looking for a web designer for $10 an hour, and said at the end - "So, get on it"! Really funny, as if this was a great rate that someone should jump at. I see these kinds of ads often, and, while I've never thought

Hawaii Craigslist Ads Are Funny Sometimes2017-05-18T20:53:05-10:00

Hawaii by the Numbers…

Ryan Ozawa has an interesting post today that pulls together numbers from some different sources - all about Hawaii. Read his post, Hawaii by the Numbers and find out the details about: Hawaii topping the country in "well being" Hawaii ranking 2nd in "healthy behavior" Hawaii was one of two states to see large gains

Hawaii by the Numbers…2017-05-18T20:53:10-10:00