Another red sand beach photo from the amazing island of Maui. This is located in Hana which is in the middle of a very long road “The Road to Hana” going East on Maui. It is an incredible drive to Hana, but if you’re prone to car sickness – this one will get you. Dramamine is recommended. Being a good driver is also recommended as the road is narrow and 2-way traffic sometimes need to pass each other.

Hana is a sleepy little place – I hesitate to call it a town. It’s more like an area than a town. You can camp overnight in Hana at a couple locations – you should try this – it’s an awesome experience.

Though the road going south and then back west of Hana is a mess – it IS an adventure, and if your car can handle it – you should give it a try. Rental cars are prohibited from driving this road because it is so bad. Keep that in mind!