Do you see Madame Pele in the fire?

Image Copyright (C) 2023 Paula Reger. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Look closely at the image and you’ll see the silhouette of a woman walking across the fire. Of course it’s not an actual human but you can see what looks like an outstretched arm and she’s wearing a skirt.  A strict materialist would say it’s a random image and our brain is trying to see design within a chaotic formation.  A native Hawaiian would most likely say it’s Madame Pele, goddess of Kilauea, that is walking on her land.  What do you say?

I never know what to expect when subscribers send in their photos – this one has to be the most surprising photo I’ve ever seen.

Big Mahalo to Paula Reger!

Photos from our subscribers, especially amateur ones, are my favorites because they illustrate how incredibly beautiful Hawaii is and anyone with a phone can take stunning shots. Mahala Paula for sharing!

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