Two Pictures That Tell A Great Story About Everyday Magical Life in Hawaii

When you live in Hawaii, every day can be a magical day.  Though we do take them for granted more often than we wish to admit, every so often something relatively simple happens that makes you stop, take a breath, and thank God that you are so fortunate to live in such an incredible, magical place.  This story is one of countless examples we live though all the time.

First, your everyday incredible incredible sunrise

It started out with a photo submission from our Islander Ohana member Scott Weikle – who took a totally amazing sunrise in Wailea looking back at Haleakala.  I loved the “Everyday” nature of this shot.  It was just another morning of Scott getting up for work catching an incredible sunrise with his phone’s camera.

I loved it!  So much so that I replied back to him “…so awesome! Hawaii is so next level – nowhere else comes close. ”

Then, this Rainbow Appeared

Within 45 minutes after I send my email, Scott sent the below with the caption “Right on cue this morning!”

Image Copyright (C) 2024 Scott Weikle. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




Everyday Magic in Action

What’s so incredibly special about this? Scott works in construction on Maui and this rainbow appeared right as we were emailing back and forth.  It’s a perfect, bright, full rainbow appearing right over the job site.  Just another incredible day in paradise living the dream as we go from amazing sunrises to magical rainbows that come to us right on cue – as if to say, “Yes! You live in an amazing place, and just in case there was any doubt, here’s a rainbow for you to start your day”.  Indeed, another incredible day in paradise.

Big Mahalo to Scott Weikle!

Photos from our subscribers, especially amateur ones, are my favorites because they illustrate how incredibly beautiful Hawaii is and anyone with a phone can take stunning shots. Mahalo Scott for sharing!

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