Here are the 5 ultimate activities I do during my free time in Hawaii. These are things you can usually find me doing on the weekends mostly, but maybe anytime:

1. Bodyboarding / Surfing. I much prefer bodyboarding since I can ride big waves and it might be a few more years before I reach that level with surfing. Bodyboarding Hawaii waves is the ultimate fun for me – and I like it more than even breathing.

Bodysurfing can probably fit in here too. Bodysurfing at point panic or some other great spot is special in a way that defies words. There’s something cool about being able to slide down a wave using your body as a board. It’s the ideal minimalist activity. Click here to read about my almost dying while bodyboarding.

2. Snorkeling / Free-diving. In Maui I do quite a bit of snorkeling and freediving. There are some primo spots on Maui’s west side – Kahana and more west, that are just picture perfect spots. Other than a guy beside me having his arm tore into by a small barracuda I’ve had no real nasty experiences with it. Best snorkeling in Hawaii? (click)

3. Biking or Running either on the Ala Wai Canal at night – or around Diamondhead and Kapiolani Park in early evening and sometimes daytime. Two of the greatest places to run in Waikiki.

4. Hiking one of the amazing ridge trails from leeward side up to the peak of the Ko’olau mountain range and seeing the wide expanse of Kailua, the ocean, and the sleeping dragon (Olamana hills). Here is a great trail to climb – Hawai’iloa Ridge trail.

5. Camping out, barbeque, throwing frisbee, and swimming leisurely at Bellows Beach Park in Waimanalo. I’ve had some of the best times in my life right there. The ultimate spot for me. Can bodyboard there too – though the waves don’t get all that much more than 3-4 feet usually. When they do they don’t break very slowly and it’s a short ride. An idyllic spot though. Highly recommended!

More information about Bellows –

Bellows – Bodyboarding at Bellows Beach

What are your 5 favorite activities to do in Hawaii?

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