If you “stay Hawaii” you have probably wondered if you might work at home in your living room on a notebook computer, drinking lattes all day instead of slugging it out in massive traffic jams trying to get into town or wherever you’re going during rush hours.

There are many people I know in Hawaii that aren’t really ‘making it’ like they want to and they figure a work at home business is what they need. It’d be the ultimate, right? Living in Hawaii and working from your lanai on a hammock.

One of the business writers I read a lot of is Randy Duermyer over at Home Business at About.com. He’s got a level-head and doesn’t hype what he’s talking about. His advice is from the heart and he’s not selling any junk. He gives great advice for the masses and I’ve picked up a lot of tips and he’s guided me in the right direction more than a few times. I highly recommend his site as a place you can devour many hours of starting a business type articles – and home business articles.

Today in his newsletter he tackled a question from one of his readers:

Do you put out a list of legitimate work at home business?

I like Randy’s no-hype style – I think you will too.

In my opinion – and this jives with Randy’s home based business opps article – the only home business opportunity worth pursuing is the one you create yourself. You can copy what others are doing – but, you need to start your own business. Part of the home business dream is that you are in charge of what you do each day.

You decide. You’re not getting fed instructions by phone, skype or email about what your tasks are for the day – you’re brainstorming your tasks and focusing on exactly what will grow your business that day.

Get started on something of your OWN today. It is not that difficult – not as much as living in Hawaii and working for someone else. Working when they want… Working on what they want

Break free Hawaii – !

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