Is it possible for a single mom – or dad with two children to move to Hawaii from the mainland USA to be a teacher in the Hawaii school system?

I received a comment today from a woman that wants to move to Hawaii and teach school. She’s the single mom of two children and really wants to move to the islands as a teacher. She didn’t mention which one or which area she’d live but apparently she’s serious because she’s getting certified to teach in Hawaii now.

I don’t have a good feel for how little is needed to live in Hawaii with kids and finding a “safe” place to live. I guess with tax breaks and child support it might be possible but I wouldn’t have a clue really.

Is it possible? Is anyone doing it now that cares to share their experience?

Is it realistic for someone to move from the mainland to Hawaii, setup everything and live life happily in Hawaii as a teacher?

Besides that – how are the schools in Hawaii to teach at? Any comments on that? I have not put a child through the Hawaii school system – have you or someone you know?

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