This article talks about Kauai having 10 TIMES THE NORMAL RATE of a heart malformation in newborn children.

Isn’t it time some drastic action is taken? I don’t understand the lack of action. 10,000 people marching sounds great. But nothing has changed. Isn’t it time for drastic measures to make the environment safe for kids and mothers?

If not, then WHEN IS THE TIME?

You know, if my child was born with a drastic birth defect that I thought came from spraying 17 times the level of pesticides that ordinary crops receive – what I would do?

Someone’s head would roll. I’d start with the organizations that approved this shit. Who gave these companies the right to spray like this? Who in the hell was voted in, or appointed to office or position, that allows this to go on? Someone needs to be held accountable NOW, not after more kids are born with birth defects. Doctors are telling you, the public, that something is wrong.

If nobody did, then members of the public that care about their own well-being – should shut this nonsense down, NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK TO DO SO.

In Kauai, chemical companies Dow, BASF, Syngenta and DuPont spray 17 times more pesticide per acre (mostly herbicides, along with insecticides and fungicides) than on ordinary cornfields in the US mainland, according to the most detailed study of the sector, by the Center for Food Safety.

I’m telling you what… Hawaii is an oasis of fresh air. It’s a place where we can totally immerse ourselves in the natural elements. If you live here and if you don’t take care of it – RIGHT NOW – this criminal behavior will continue on, and get worse.

Where are the people in Hawaii that stand up to this crap?

WHEN is it time to declare war on companies that don’t give a rat’s ass about your health? When is it time to take things into your own hands? When is it time to start voting lame politicians that don’t give a shit, out of office, and replace them with good people that have Hawaii residents HEALTH AND FUTURE IN MIND?

About a fourth of the total are called Restricted Use Pesticides because of their harmfulness. Just in Kauai, 18 tons mostly atrazine, paraquat (both banned in Europe) and chlorpyrifos were applied in 2012.


Pesticides banned in Europe, but sprayed openly in the United States on land leased by HAWAII’S STATE GOVERNMENT to these giant chemical corporations to test how much pesticide they can spray and get away with.

Come on, people. If you believe the islands were taken from you, take them back.

Action is everything, and whining about it will get you nowhere.

Take some action and stop this horrorshow as soon as possible.

Here I am, writing from abroad, and wishing I could be there to do something about it. I’m absolutely HORRIFIED at what is happening in paradise. Your paradise. The place you call home. The place that was once untainted. Hawaii was UNTAINTED for longer than any other US STATE in the nation because it was the last to become a state. It was the last to be available to corporations to do whatever the hell they wanted to the land.

Look at the SHEEP we’ve become…

When the spraying is underway and the wind blows downhill from the fields to the town a time no spraying should occur residents complain of stinging eyes, headaches and vomiting.

“Your eyes and lungs hurt, you feel dizzy and nauseous. It’s awful,” says middle school special education teacher Howard Hurst, who was present at two evacuations.

I’m telling you what… If I had those symptoms after someone sprayed fields next to the school I worked at – I would have the entire fucking thing shut down because I’d raise such a goddamned stink about it that nobody could ignore me. There is no way I would put up with that. There is no reason in hell, you should put up with that.

Take air samples. Have them tested. Show solid evidence that chemicals are at toxic levels in the air you breath. Show video of people gagging, with red eyes, and people feeling nauseous at the exact times the fields were sprayed.

My friends in the USA keep telling me that things are getting so bad… that corporations are doing whatever they want because they just buy-off the politicians. The USA has developed to the point where big money rules everything. Everyone. People have turned into sheep – afraid to act.

I’m telling you politicians need to have their asses handed to them on the way out the door. All of them. Locals. Japanese. I don’t give a fuck who they are. If they’re not getting shit done, boot their asses out and find someone who CARES about the people and the land, the plants, the animals, the FUTURE OF HAWAII.

I’m going to basically quote the ENTIRE ARTICLE because I’m more enraged with each paragraph I read… Here’s one:

The chemical companies that grow the corn in land previously used for sugar refuse to disclose with any precision which chemicals they use, where and in what amounts, but they insist the pesticides are safe, and most state and local politicians concur. “The Hawai€˜i legislature has never given the slightest indication that it intended to regulate genetically engineered crops,” wrote lawyer Paul Achitoff of Earthjustice in a recent court case.