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Are Drones in Hawaii Legal?

What Does the Law Say about drones in Hawaii? Drones in Hawaii are considered to be unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and are allowed in the islands for recreational use without a permit.  However, there are restrictions. For example, it must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and must abide by certain restrictions.  Certain

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How Long Will Hawaii’s People PUT UP WITH THIS?

This article talks about Kauai having 10 TIMES THE NORMAL RATE of a heart malformation in newborn children. Isn't it time some drastic action is taken? I don't understand the lack of action. 10,000 people marching sounds great. But nothing has changed. Isn't it time for drastic measures to make the environment safe for kids

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Tips to Avoid Rental Car Crime in Hawaii

One of the major downers about taking a vacation to, or living in Hawaii, is that the rate of car theft, petty theft, and vandalism to vehicles is very high. Always has been, and maybe always will be - who knows? Take some precautions. In six years of living on the islands, visiting the islands,

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