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Is Hawaii Weather the Best on the Planet?

Here's all you need to know: Hawaii has the best weather on the planet! Picture the ultimate weather… mostly sunny, not usually too hot. Gentle breezes blowing. Never too cold. Cool nights. Some rain, but not usually too much. Welcome to Hawaii! The funny thing is that on the islands the forecast for each part

Is Hawaii Weather the Best on the Planet?2021-07-01T05:30:00-10:00

Hawaii Weather – What to Expect?

Hawaii has variable weather across all islands, but, generally you can say, it's "livable". Ha! There are a couple of things influencing Hawaii weather. Hawaii gets plenty of sunshine. I think I can safely guess without looking up any facts that Hawaii has sunshine on more than 80% of all days during the year.

Hawaii Weather – What to Expect?2021-07-01T05:28:09-10:00