Hawaii has variable weather across all islands, but, generally you can say, it’s “livable”. Ha!

There are a couple of things influencing Hawaii weather.

Hawaii gets plenty of sunshine. I think I can safely guess without looking up any facts that Hawaii has sunshine on more than 80% of all days during the year. Not that the entire day is sunny, because that isn’t true so much, but part of nearly every day is going to be sunny weather and lovely.

Hawaii gets plenty of rainy weather too. The good news is that rainy days where it lasts for more than an hour or so – are rare. We might get a few of those types of storms per year. Sometimes they are strong, sure, but usually if it’s raining on the islands it passes through in 10-30 minutes.

Hawaii temperatures are always bearable – and usually delightful. The winter months, I think are the best because we get a lot of sun and the air is cooler than during the hot summer.

Looking at each island you can find a pattern. Even by looking at the satellite photo of the islands  (click) I posted the other day, you can see that the northeast sides of the islands are more green than the southwest sides.

Why is that?

Rain. The northeast, windward sides of the island get hit with more rain, more often, than the other coasts.

Which Hawaii island has the best weather?

While it’s all basically the same, I will say that Maui seems to have the best weather. Some will disagree. Maybe I was just in love with Maui so much that I overlooked the bad days – and there definitely were some bad storm days too!

Hawaii easily has the nicest, most livable weather of all U.S. states.

For more information on the summers and winters in Hawaii (click) here is another post.

Did you ever see a moonbow? It’s a night-time rainbow… Hawaii has them!

[Photo credit – flickr.com member, tata-aka-T]