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Molokai and Maui by Helicopter – Video

This looks like the same helicopter tour company I used when I was given a promotional freeby for the resort I was working for on Maui. I'd only been on a helicopter a few times before this, and the beauty of Maui, and Molokai from the air - cannot be overstated. Helicopter tours are the

Molokai and Maui by Helicopter – Video2017-05-18T20:52:56-10:00

Flying to Molokai Video

No idea who this is narrating the video, would have been nice to put a credit here - but it isn't in the video. This is a flight from Oahu over to Molokai on a small plane on a very windy day. The winds look severe - 20 knot gusts or so. I've been on

Flying to Molokai Video2017-05-18T20:52:56-10:00