This looks like the same helicopter tour company I used when I was given a promotional freeby for the resort I was working for on Maui. I’d only been on a helicopter a few times before this, and the beauty of Maui, and Molokai from the air – cannot be overstated. Helicopter tours are the perfect way to see the islands up close – the total beauty of the islands. The perspective is so different, the colors so green… the remoteness of the waterfalls, wow!

All the islands are amazing by air – not just Maui and Molokai. If you have a chance, see Oahu, Big Island and Kauai too!

While you’re in the helicopter – forget about photos – just shoot video. With video you will get so much more of the experience than still photos. The exposure of still photos tends to be off sometimes – and it ruins the shot. With video the camera adapts better because it is shooting 30 frames per second, so some of them can be off and you won’t really notice much. Video is the way to go for helicopter tours.

Seeing the Hawaiian islands by helicopter – it is not cheap, but it’s something you really have to do once in your life. Put this on your bucket list.