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Jobs in Hawaii

Every now and then I post jobs for people in Hawaii that may have missed them. I usually just pull out what is interesting to me -and I'm by no means interested in the Hawaii jobs postings space. Just fun to look every now and again... New job listing at Craigslist on 11/16 might get

Jobs in Hawaii2017-05-18T20:53:09-10:00

Yet Another Perfect Job in Hawaii

There really are some perfect jobs available in Hawaii... Back in 2004 I was talking with a guy on Maui that had set up a little freelance business where he was going out with a snorkeling tour to Molokini and taking some underwater videos of tourists enjoying their adventure. He'd sell the package on the

Yet Another Perfect Job in Hawaii2019-02-12T06:41:08-10:00

Is Your Next Job Working on a Pier? In Hawaii…

Found this amazing Hawaii job come across Craigslist that was too good to be true. It actually fits my skill-set and from the job description it appears I could do 95% of what they require - but they require a LOT and I'm not even in Hawaii. Heck, I'm not even in the country! If

Is Your Next Job Working on a Pier? In Hawaii…2016-04-09T04:26:19-10:00