There really are some perfect jobs available in Hawaii…

Back in 2004 I was talking with a guy on Maui that had set up a little freelance business where he was going out with a snorkeling tour to Molokini and taking some underwater videos of tourists enjoying their adventure. He’d sell the package on the boat and when he got back to shore he’d put it all together in a video DVD / CD for those that bought the video.

He’d focus shooting video on tourists on the boat that initially showed interest. Those were easiest to sell to later. He was pulling in net from $200-400 per day at the time and he was looking to expand to other tour operators and needed more people to do snorkeling videos on those boats. He wanted a cut of something like $50 per day from me if I chose to join him.

I was pretty interested in doing it. I love snorkeling and free-diving. I love video. I don’t like editing much, but I figured I’d get over it. I was seriously considering it and then I got offered a nice position as marketing manager of a local resort.

The jobs are still available on Maui – there is a girl, that I ass-u-me is the same girl out of Ka’anapali that I talked to in 2007 that was replicating what the first guy was doing. The tone of the ad makes me think that. I could be off though. She is more geared toward the business side of things and was going to lend out video cameras I believe last time I corresponded with her.

Anyway – here is the Craigslist ad >

The point of this post is that there are many amazing jobs in Hawaii – perfect jobs for maybe you or someone you know… Jobs that you would flip over. And, if there aren’t any that you can find? Make one. The guy I talked to in 2004 just saw an opportunity and put it together for himself. He was making $50,000 per year by swimming, shooting and editing video, and talking to people on the vacation of their lives. Sound like something you’d be interested in doing?

Do it for yourself. Hawaii is the land of opportunity. You don’t need to join someone’s gig they already have going, create your own. Incorporate yourself as a business… deduct all business expenses… and create your own Hawaii job. Create your own Hawaii business.

Are you going to be looking for jobs in Hawaii?

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