I had the idea to create a questionnaire for residents of the Hawaiian Islands, so I could provide more information for those people that are considering moving to and living in Hawaii in the near future. These posts will give you a better idea about whether or not living in Hawaii is right for you – as you read other people’s experiences that have already done so. I start it off by answering the questions myself. If you have any suggestions about what else I could ask respondents, please send me an email – located at the “About” page link at the top of this page. Mahalos!

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What Is Your First and Last Name?

Chad Ramsey – (Chad, if you want a photo of you on this page, send one about 300 pixels wide and I’ll embed it here)

Do You Have a Website or Something Else You Would Like Us To Link To?

I Am Aloha” Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/Live.Awesome.Be.Aloha)

Which Hawaiian Islands Have You Lived On?


How Many Years and Months Did You Spend Living in Hawaii?

I stayed on Maui for 1 year and 6 months.

How Many Members of Your Family Stayed in Hawaii With You?

Single – just me

Pets – Choose One That Applies

No Pets.

If You Had a Pet, Would You Recommend Pet Owners Moving to Hawaii Bring Their Pets to the Islands?


Was Your Income Adequate to Do 90% of What You Wanted To Do Beyond Your Normal Living Expenses?

Some months money has been tight. It can be expensive to live here. However, working multiple jobs helps here.

What Were Your Main Activities Outside of Work – And, Did You Find You Had Enough to Keep You Occupied?

Beach activities, snorkeling, scuba, paddle boarding, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, boat excursions, and dining out. There are plenty of free activities to enjoy and the “tourist” type activities that can get expensive.

Did You Find It Easy to Make New Friends in Hawaii? And, Were People “Like You” Easy to Find?

I have found it very easy to make friends on island. There is a lot of diversity here.

Did You Experience Any Incidents of Racial Discrimination, Hate, Etc? Can You Please Explain As Much As You’re Willing?

I have not experienced any racism to speak of. Although I have heard stories…mostly from younger people.

What Did You Think About the Traffic and Parking Situation?

Traffic can be an issue when driving to and from the West side of Maui. However, it is usually when there is a fire or a traffic accident

What Do You Like Most About Living in Hawaii?

1.) Friendly people. The Aloha spirit is real.

2.) The weather is constant here and beautiful.

3.) The diverse areas of the island. Most people think that you may feel confined on an island. Truth is, you can drive for hours here. Want cool weather and great camping? Head to Poli Poli and you will feel like you are in another state. It snowed on Haleakala this year! Hana is a tropical paradise that makes you feel miles away from everywhere! Kihei and Wailea are amazing and have different climates than Lahaina, Kapalua and Napili. Kula and Pukalani and most of upcountry have a different feel from the rest of the island. You can have it all on the islands. Scenic drives, pristine beaches, great cuisine, and amazing sunsets!

What Did You Dislike Most About Living in Hawaii?

The price of groceries can be a little high sometimes. You have to learn how to shop the specials. VOG (volcanic fog from Big Island can be a concern too and the burning of the sugar cane.

Rate Your Happiness Living in Hawaii…

1 – I am as happy as I could possibly be living in Hawaii.

Did You Have Any Experience With Public or Private Schools in Hawaii?


Was There Enough Shopping On the Island?

Shopping can be tricky because you may have to drive to the other side of the island or another town. Items that cant be found here can be easily acquired online, however.

Roughly How Much Money Did You Spend on Food Each Month?

Roughly $400-$500 per month on food for both dining in and out. And that’s just for me.

Do You Have (Did You Have) a Business in Hawaii?

Starting a business here can be difficult. However, I have seen people do well with new businesses here. Depends on what it is. I believe there is ample opportunity here.

Is Hawaii the Ultimate Place to Live Whether You Have Money or Not?

Hawaii is an amazing place to live and work! It may not be for everyone but it is the place that I love!

Anything Else You Want to Say???


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Peter’s Comments

Thanks for taking the survey Chad, much appreciated!

The burning of sugar cane on Maui and Kauai affects a lot of people, but it never really bothered me at all. Maybe I wasn’t close enough to it. I lived on the west side of Maui and the sugarcane fields that always seemed to be on fire were close to Kahului for the most part and we didn’t get direct smoke from the fires. I can imagine if you’re at ground zero – you’d not be digging it very much.

Shopping on Maui is a bit scarce for things like electronics and general selection like shoes. Some online companies charge extra shipping fees to the Hawaiian Islands, so that’s not fun, but it’s true, you can find anything online and have it shipped if you know exactly what you want. I had an issue finding the good running shoes I wanted – trail running shoes in Maui when I lived there. There were other things too, it was more of a slight aggravation, and definitely not a deal-breaker. I didn’t want for much I guess.

I like how Chad mentioned the diverse areas of the island of Maui. It is the same for all the islands, there are wet spots, dry, hot, cool, and those in-between. Personally, the Kula area at the base of Haleakala Volcano is such a lovely climate. The air is cool and dry and even if the sun is out it isn’t unnecessarily toasty. It’s just right! On the west side it was rather warm to live, and yet we weren’t complaining because the ocean and a great surfing beach were within about 150 feet from our front door. This is one reason why I think it is essential to go to the island you are planning on moving to, and see it first-hand. Get the lay of the land. Figure out where would be the best place to live on Maui if you’re working in Lahaina, Kahului, or Hana. In some cases you may not need (or want) to buy a vehicle and you can get by walking or on a bike.

If you have lived in Hawaii in the past or present, and you would like to take this short survey – here is the link:

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